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Clues Answers
'-- down the hatches!' BATTEN
'As I Lay Dying' novelist FAULKNER
'Crash' actor Koteas ELIAS
'Go On' network NBC
'Gotcha' ISEE
'It Had -- You' TOBE
'Jimmy' has two EMS
'No, No, --' (old musical) NANETTE
'Peter Pan' pirate SMEE
'Pretty nice!' NOTBAD
-- Hashanah ROSH
-- terrier (dog breed) SKYE
-- unto itself ALAW
1980s TV's 'Remington --' STEELE
1:50, e.g TENOF
30-year late-night host CARSON
Actress Huppert ISABELLE
Actress Seyfried AMANDA
Actress Stone EMMA
Always, to poets EER
Appear on the scene ARRIVE
Arcade game pioneer ATARI
Aromatic ODOROUS
As well TOBOOT
Baseballer Strawberry DARRYL
Beatle bride Yoko ONO
Bicycle part WHEEL
Big elevator producer OTIS
Billfold filler CASH
Blend STIR
Boding sign OMEN
Body signal GESTURE
Boone of baseball BRET
Bottom line TOTAL
Boxing tactic used by Ali ROPEADOPE
Broom room CLOSET
Camera type, for short SLR
Canadian dollar coin LOONIE
Canoe variety KAYAK
Capitol Hill bigwig SENATOR
Confused ASEA
Connections INS
Curve part ARC
Derives from logic INFERS
Emerald, e.g GEM
Film snippet CLIP
Filming locale LOT
Frank OPEN
French city on the Orne CAEN
Frying vessel PAN
Funeral pile PYRE
Gather up AMASS
Ghana's land AFRICA
Goldfish part FIN
Golf ball supporter TEE
Golfer Palmer ARNOLD
Graceful bird SWAN
Greets with a head bob NODSTO
Hired hood GOON
HP or Dell products PCS
Incursion RAID
Infamous box opener PANDORA
Ink-filled tool PEN
Internet auction site EBAY
Jazzman Kenton STAN
John of 'Three's Company' RITTER
Kigali's land RWANDA
Lamb's call BAA
Clues Answers
Like Saturn RINGED
Living an isolated life INSULAR
Lyric poems sung by single voices MONODIES
Mai -- (rum drinks) TAIS
Mete (out) RATION
Mischievous snake? ASPFORTROUBLE
Mistake list ERRATA
Mystery writer Christie AGATHA
Newswoman Barbara WALTERS
Nibbled away ATE
Noble act DEED
Noodles shaped like knotted snakes? BOATIEPASTA
Now being broadcast ONAIR
On the line ATRISK
One of the Musketeers ARAMIS
Org. fining polluters EPA
Pack down tightly TAMP
Pal of Tarzan APE
Pass gingerly EASEBY
Pay to live in RENT
Peaceful SERENE
Pencil tops ERASERS
Petroleum OIL
Polish river ODER
Pre-A.D. abbr BCE
Prefix with byte TERA
Prefix with cycle TRI
Pull along TOW
Put-on ACT
Retired female prof EMERITA
Rome's Via -- VENETO
Rule breaker, e.g VIOLATOR
See 81-Down ITUP
Sioux tribe member OTO
Sister of Snow White ROSERED
Skeletal axis SPINE
Snake with a talk show? COBRAWINFREY
Snake's balderdash? ADDERNONSENSE
Snake's relatives? MAMBASFAMILY
Snug as -- ABUG
Sobbing soul WEEPER
St. Louis Arch architect Saarinen EERO
Star burst NOVA
Star, to Pierre ETOILE
Sticks with, as a belief HOLDSTO
Study of snake vision? VIPEROPTICS
Suffix with ball or bass OON
Suggestion PROPOSAL
Sun Yat- -- SEN
Superhero insect ATOMANT
Surfeit SATE
Symbol of a team MASCOT
Thing that hones a snake's skills? RACERSHARPENER
Tightly strung TAUT
Tit-for- -- TAT
Tokyo, once EDO
Touchy- -- (overly emotional) FEELY
Transmit again RESEND
Treater's phrase ONME
TV prizes EMMYS
Union foe SCAB
Unthrifty type SPENDER
Vienna is its cap AUS
Wall coatings PLASTERS
What there is when a snake is inside a keg? KRAITANDBARREL
Where some very big birds are raised EMUFARM
With 76-Across, quit, informally HANG