New York Times - May 18 2013

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Clues Answers
'Deirdre' playwright YEATS
'Revolver' Grammy winner Voormann KLAUS
'The Chronicles of Clovis' author SAKI
'The Inspector General' star, 1949 KAYE
'Thou ___ lady': King Lear ARTA
1930s bomber BTEN
Blowout locale? VENT
Bringer of peace ENTENTECORDIALE
Calls on SEES
Captive of Heracles IOLE
Certain recital piece DUET
Chandra, in Hindu belief MOONGOD
Chi setting CST
Cross MEET
Curing stuff, symbolically NACL
Eagles tight end Igwenagu EMIL
First name in '70s tennis ILIE
Heffalump's creator MILNE
Hohenberg's river EGER
Indicator of how accurate a numerical guess is PERCENTAGEERROR
Information information STREETADDRESSES
Intel processor? NSA
Kind of chop LOIN
Language related to Wyandot ERIE
Life is one CEREAL
Like a lot without a lot VACANT
Like bazookas ANTITANK
Like line jumpers RUDE
Like some anchors and sails ATRIP
Make canning impossible? QUIT
Many masters respond to them ARFS
Martin Buber's '___ Thou' IAND
Clues Answers
Much commercial production SPOTTV
Northern game preceder OCANADA
Not just another face in the crowd? WALDO
Not windy at all LACONIC
One built for Broadway SET
One of several Procter & Gamble products CLEANSER
Opposite of extremely ATAD
Org. that publishes Advocacy Update AMA
Painter Schiele and composer Wellesz EGONS
Past pump preference REGULARGASOLINE
Pliers part JAW
Porsche 911 model TARGA
Post-W.W. II fed. agcy AEC
Quarter of doce TRES
Quarter of vingt CINQ
Running dog LACKEY
Shore indentations RIAS
Some holiday honorees: Abbr STS
Some of them have learned to sign APES
Split up ENDIT
Start of a Vol. 1 heading ATO
The look of love? STARSINONESEYES
Their caps have a stylized 'C' REDS
They might design roses ICERS
Thomas H. ___, the Father of the Western INCE
Title gambler in a 1943 Cary Grant film MRLUCKY
Tone poem that calls for four taxi horns, with 'An' AMERICANINPARIS
Transporter of beer barrels DRAY
Visual aids LENSES
Waits awhile BIDES
What you may charge with AVAILABLECREDIT
Window parts JAMBS
___-foot jelly CALFS