Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 11 2013

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Clues Answers
'-- have to do' ITLL
'A mouse!' EEK
'Absolutely' YES
'Yahoo!' WHOOPEE
Accomplished DID
Advertise HYPE
Arrived CAME
Aye canceler NAY
Ball prop TEE
Bathroom fixture TUB
Bill's partner COO
Bizarre EERIE
Blond shade ASH
Bouquet POSY
Bridges or Brummell BEAU
Brilliance ECLAT
College lecturers, often PROFS
Collins or Donahue PHIL
Conclusion END
Continental coin EURO
Cotillion honoree DEB
Cover LID
Deposit PUT
Donkey ASS
Drag along LUG
Faucet problem DRIP
Football fill AIR
Geological period ERA
Go downhill rapidly? SKI
Greek vowels ETAS
Greenish-blue CYAN
Haw preceder HEE
Heal, as a fracture KNIT
Clues Answers
Jet forth SPEW
Little demon IMP
Long-snouted antelopes DIKDIKS
Mainlander's memento LEI
Memory unit BYTE
Mexican moola PESO
Moving about ASTIR
Nail smoother EMERY
Part of the foot ARCH
Pooch DOG
Potpourri bag SACHET
Practice pugilism SPAR
Proper subject? NOUN
Recipe meas TBSP
Reverberate ECHO
Shade HUE
Sharpen WHET
Silver salmon COHO
Sitarist's music RAGA
Solemn promise OATH
Stop running DIE
Symbol of intrigue WEB
Syringe, for short HYPO
Tittle IOTA
Toll road PIKE
Top-notch AONE
Troop group UNIT
Uncanny ability to make money THEMIDASTOUCH
Uncertainty DOUBT
Will subject ESTATE
Withered SERE
Wrinkly fruit UGLI