Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 8 2013

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Clues Answers
Acts the big fella perhaps to capture rats coming back FILMSTAR
Against a background of a dim back road AMIDST
At the end of the day, force holds onto papers for nationalist MIDNIGHT
At the end of week, it's a short year for one who's a bit of a goat in Rome SATYR
Carol ringing sharp learner is shocking STARTLING
Celebrity made to say thanks to rock group STRATA
Chance of recovery provided something can be found ALLISNOTLOST
Colourful bird from Ponds returns work unit to Belgium GREBE
Confess to father returning to American college ADMIT
Drag out in favour of region PROTRACT
Earnest old city man URGENT
Funny looking leaf lying across road is related to old celebration FESTAL
Go past town for one to finish with Bud OVERSHOOT
Insurance company loses Victor bringing it back for broadcast in flight AVIATION
Clues Answers
Intelligence agency occupied road to Women's Institute - it's a pain in the backside perhaps SCIATICA
Is ringing for increase for showy flowers IRISES
It's where all the cuts are performed by trimmer with small official position BARBERSCHAIR
It¿s for taking off informer returning with computer TARMAC
Lineage to religious relative BLOODBROTHER
Listener in northeast is right - it's more convenient NEARER
Relieves pain for Norma to leave Anglo-Americans ANALGESIC
Reveals all as stumped with final letters going to Bohemians STRIPCLUB
Separatist movement returns to Down? That's not to be swallowed ATEUP
Shoe with a little silver for sweetheart in ruin SABOTAGE
Sounds like what I would do if I were in charge of autonomy SELFRULE
Sounds like words sung, in a manner of speaking, for Elizabeth and Edward LILTED
They have a word for everything in so many words VOCABULARIES
Tom goes to Spain for violent class CATEGORY