Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - May 5 2013

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Clues Answers
'Eight Is Enough' actor Willie AAMES
'Family Ties' mom ELYSE
'Li'l --' ABNER
'Muy --' (Spanish for 'very good') BUEN
'Sprechen -- Deutsch?' SIE
'The Creation' composer HAYDN
'The Firm' novelist John GRISHAM
'Very funny!' HAHA
-- -jongg MAH
A South African capital PRETORIA
Acid-alcohol compounds ESTERS
Affliction WOE
Atlas closeup INSET
Baseball game part INNING
Bible book after Ezra NEHEMIAH
Big tippler WINO
Big town, in Italian CITTA
Bite quickly SNAPUP
Bro., for one REL
Calgary's province ALBERTA
Catches slyly ENTRAPS
Chamomile drink, maybe HERBTEA
Chews on GNAWSAT
City in Italy or California LODI
Comedy that should have starred W.C. Fields? WEDDINGCRASHERS
Comp -- SCI
Crude house HUT
Cruel woman OGRESS
Customary USUAL
Defunct record label ARISTA
Depot abbr ARR
District AREA
Drama that should have starred E.G. Marshall? ELMERGANTRY
Driving peril ICE
Dunaway of 'Chinatown' FAYE
Edible bulbs ONIONS
Ejection OUSTER
Em lead-in ELL
Ethyl ender ENE
Ex-veep Stevenson ADLAI
Exacting STERN
Female futurist SEERESS
Freshly firm CRISP
Funny Carrey JIM
Game show announcer Johnny OLSON
George Burns film OHGOD
Give credit where credit -- ISDUE
Glove's kin MITTEN
Golfing unit YARD
Gorged on ATE
Hack driver CABBIE
Harpoon, e.g STAB
Have a bawl WEEP
Hitters' stats RBIS
Hole- -- INONE
Hosp. parts ERS
Impeached ACCUSED
In good pitch TUNED
Infiniti rival ACURA
Instructional book HOWTO
Japanese verse HAIKU
JosŽ's 'day' DIA
Kitten sound PURR
Lamb raisers EWES
Lively dance JIG
Lohan of film LINDSAY
Makes hazy BEDIMS
Mauna -- LOA
Meadows LEAS
Memo opening ASTO
Clues Answers
Memoir that should have been written by A.A. Milne? ANGELASASHES
Michael of 'Superbad' CERA
Milky white gem OPAL
Mischievous PUCKISH
Morgan Freeman film LEANONME
Most hip COOLEST
Motown's Marvin GAYE
Mrs. Truman BESS
Muscular power SINEW
Nerd's kin DWEEB
Nixes a dele STETS
Not dense SPARSE
Novel that should have been written by T.S. Eliot? THREESISTERS
Novelist Victor HUGO
Off- -- -wall THE
One-piece bodysuits UNITARDS
Pamphlet that should have been written by C.S. Lewis? COMMONSENSE
Photo -- OPS
Piece that should have been composed by J.S. Bach? JUPITERSYMPHONY
Pixieish sort ELF
Poet Angelou MAYA
Post-op program REHAB
Pt. of TBS SYS
Pull sharply TUG
Put down, to P. Diddy DIS
Raptors' org NBA
Roasting rod SPIT
Romantic comedy that should have starred B.D. Wong? BULLDURHAM
Roof tiles SLATES
Sacred place SHRINE
Sales slips RECEIPTS
Satirist Mort SAHL
Scrub clean SCOUR
See 28-Across SEAT
See 70-Down OUTOF
Short-winded TERSE
Some Afrikaners BOERS
Some pizzas SMALLS
Song that should have been sung by B.B. King? BLUEBAYOU
Song that should have been sung by B.J. Thomas? BILLIEJEAN
Soprano Nilsson BIRGIT
Sorority 'T' TAU
Spinning AWHIRL
St. Francis' birthplace ASSISI
Stoppage of a plaintiff's legal action NONSUIT
Stowe's slave owner Simon LEGREE
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
Take -- of faith ALEAP
Takes off a roster DELISTS
Tarkenton of football FRAN
Teeny-tiny EENSY
Tehran's land IRAN
Televises AIRS
Temple table ALTAR
Tree juices SAPS
Twisty turns ESSES
Wages before overtime BASEPAY
Walloped in a boxing ring KOD
Way of thinking ATTITUDE
Well drillers OILRIGS
Wide shoe width EEE
With 103-Down, parked it, so to speak TOOKA
With 76-Across, choose not to take part in OPT
Writer Janowitz TAMA
Yes, in Ypres OUI
ƒpŽe, say SWORD