- May 4 2013

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Clues Answers
#1 in all-time Olympic gold PHELPS
''Fatti per volare alto'' sloganeer ALITALIA
''Helps you pull it off'' brand PAM
''Politics is the art of the possible'' source BISMARCK
''When Nature __ great masterpiece designed . . .'': Burns HER
''You can count on me'' NOPROB
Absorbed by INTO
Actress who got an Honorary Oscar in '94 KERR
All of it TOTAL
Arch support SOLE
Bitter ender NESS
Boiling IRATE
Brass band, e.g RING
Builder of America's first copper mill PAULREVERE
Capital SSE of Miami NASSAU
Certain shopkeepers MAANDPA
Cleaning conveniences ROBOTS
Comedic inspiration THALIA
Cooling-off area SILL
Day __ SPAS
Dispersant target OILSPILL
Earlier ERENOW
Engineer's workplace LOCOMOTIVE
Exam administrator STATEBAR
Farsighted one ORACLE
Fatty acid product SOAP
Fatty acid source ALGAE
First Reality Primetime Emmy winner PROBST
Flutter BAT
Freshen up your plants RETOOL
Giant of 18th-century math EULER
Helps out at the orchard POLLINATES
In itself: Lat IPSO
It may be underfoot MAT
Clues Answers
It sounds the same as Morse's VTB SOS
Itinerary details ETAS
Key that doesn't work by itself ALT
Large bowl ARENA
Laugh at DERIDE
Like jumpers SLEEVELESS
Made a mess, maybe SPLATTERED
Mag that went online only in 2011 USNEWS
Maintain AVER
More than a millennium ago MIV
Most preferred PET
Most significantly, in texting ESP
Name for the nameless DOE
O'Keeffe, circa 1908 ARTSTUDENT
Onetime Peggy Fleming employer ICECAPADES
Opposite of ''hence'' AGO
Out early ONPAROLE
Out of sight, with ''up'' HOLING
Panasonic product PLASMATV
Pole, for one SLAV
Powerful group ELITE
Pulitzer play for 1938 OURTOWN
Real blast GAS
Resort developed by Augustus CAPRI
River that ends at Yuma GILA
Set down ALIT
Sticks refusal NAW
Take all of HOG
Takes the plunge DIVES
Term coined by Ericsson in '97 SMARTPHONE
Topples OUSTS
Trap opening CLAP
Water chestnut and sawgrass SEDGES
Withdrew, with ''out'' OPTED
__ Cluck (Daisy Duck pal) CLARA
__ show USO