L.A. Times Daily - Apr 28 2013

Clues Answers
"Coffee __?" ORTEA
"Invisible Cities" author Calvino ITALO
"Look no further than me" IMIT
"Suburgatory" airer ABCTV
"The Flintstones" answer to Fido DINO
"The Kids __ All Right": 2010 Best Picture nominee ARE
'60s-'70s veep and family AGNEWS
1887 La Scala premiere OTELLO
Abbr. before a year ESTD
Action scene in "True Blood"? VAMPIREBATTLE
Alphabet addition? ICAL
Andean herd member ALPACA
Architect Saarinen ELIEL
Artist who was an admirer of Freud DALI
Asked to be stroked, perhaps MEWED
Assess flight risk, in a way SETBAIL
Baby's pre-vacation note to self? PACKRATTLE
Bane for bugs DEET
Bright finish GLOSS
Brit's bro MATEY
California city name meaning "pretty knoll" LOMALINDA
Capital NW of Monrovia DAKAR
City about 300 miles from Baghdad BASRA
Cloak for a road trip? HIGHWAYMANTLE
Common rental APARTMENT
Concert setup, briefly PASYSTEM
Container for mystery meat? SPAMBOTTLE
Courage of Manhattanites? NEWYORKMETTLE
Cow patch LEA
Crew member TAR
Crossword heading: Abbr ACR
Diagnostician's clues SYMPTOMS
Dionysian reveler SATYR
Drudge PEON
Dull finish MATTE
Earthenware pot OLLA
Eat like a chinchilla GNAW
Fiddled (with) TAMPERED
First name in makeup ESTEE
Fluent speakers avoid them UMS
Geriatrician's concern, with "the" ELDERLY
Glancing blow SIDESWIPE
Hamilton's prov ONT
Hardy's "Pure Woman" TESS
High light? BEACON
High-ranked Atlanta school EMORY
Hook underling SMEE
How some sleep NAKED
In __ fertilization VITRO
Invites over HASIN
Is worthy of, as repeating BEARS
It may be seen opposite VI XII
Jotting on a Post-it MEMO
Kama __ SUTRA
Late dinner hr NINEPM
Late lunch hour ONE
Like NES video games RETRO
Like some personalities DYNAMIC
Like the lion slain by Hercules NEMEAN
Livestock kept between buildings? ALLEYCATTLE
Loire land ILE
Lowest of the low NADIR
Lure into crime ENTRAP
Maasai Mara game reserve locale KENYA
Mil. decoration DSM
MLB credits RBIS
Mortgage acronym FANNIEMAE
Nanny __: security devices CAMS
Clues Answers
Nitrogen compound AMINE
Noted lawmaker NEWTON
Nursery container POT
One may be supporting ACTOR
Ones giving marching orders: Abbr SGTS
Opposite of exo- ENDO
Order to pounce SICEM
Out of breath SPENT
Out of shape SOFT
Pakistani city LAHORE
Paleness causes ANEMIAS
Part of a GI's URL MIL
Partner ALLY
Passed on a 19-Down RODEBY
Persian breads NANS
Pivotal KEY
Played with, cat-style PAWED
Press packets KITS
Propeller noise WHIR
Pulitzer winner Walker ALICE
Puréeing aid SIEVE
Pursued one's dreams? SLEPT
Queen's decree EDICT
Reaction to an alarm? RISINGSTARTLE
Report card calamities EFS
Require EXACT
Rival of Bjorn ILIE
River measure WIDTH
Runner on snow SKI
Satan's little helpers IMPS
Sent payment REMITTED
Silver in movies HORSE
Skip it PASS
Some srs.' source of stress LSAT
Sophie player MERYL
Stargazer's state REVERIE
Statistician's figs PCTS
Supplies for Rambo AMMO
Swings at home BATS
Thou tenth CNOTE
Turned right GEED
Twist in agony WRITHE
Twisted KINKY
Two guys out to dinner, say MANDATE
V-shaped mark NOTCH
Venue for poetry readings in space? SLAMSHUTTLE
Versatile roll DUCTTAPE
Villain's base LAIR
Vineyard grape PINOT
Washed-out shade PASTEL
Water filter brand BRITA
Webinars, e.g ELEARNING
Weirdo WACK
Well-versed in UPON
Wharton Sch. conferral MBA
What a ponytail covers NAPE
What bad traffic sometimes comes to, with "a" DEADSTOP
Windy City airport code ORD
Word repeated after "Que," in song SERA
Wrapped up ENDED
Wrote with limited characters TWEETED
Yard worker? INSPECTOR
__ 2600: old video game console ATARI
__ Fáil: Irish "stone of destiny" LIA
__ Manor: "Batman" setting WAYNE
__ union TRADE