- Apr 27 2013

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Clues Answers
''A Lane near __'' (Van Gogh work) ARLES
''El mediodía o la medianoche'' DOCE
''The Younger Generation __ to something'': Benchley ISUP
AL team, on scoreboards NYY
Backbite DEFAME
Bacon bits ESSAYS
Bank deposit FOG
Biblical attack force SMITERS
Biggest role in a 2005 blockbuster KONG
Bother AIL
Broadway show based on 18 books SEUSSICAL
Calculator button TAN
Controversial POLEMIC
Costume designer for Mata Hari ERTE
Drafting implement PENCIL
Elate SEND
Exclamation of frustration ICANT
Function OPERATE
Garden guardians GNOMES
Guilty feeling PANG
Having no way out VENTLESS
Head overseas TETE
Home worker NANNY
It's made with anise and fennel ABSINTHE
It's often landed ESTATE
Jaguars run for it NFL
Left to you OPTIONAL
Legal venues TRIBUNALS
Locale offering satellite TV OTB
Major tin producer LAOS
Maker of golf carts and guitars YAMAHA
Marked with tailor's chalk TALCED
Clues Answers
Menu choice HELP
Mighty fine EXQUISITE
Modern connector USB
More comfortable, quite possibly FLUFFIER
Not quite 80 CPLUS
Oils, maybe QUIETS
One in top hat and tails LIONTAMER
Online offering of big-box retailers LOCALAD
Ovid genre ELEGY
Part of the Armored AutoGroup STP
Particular of some bills CELLCALL
Predicament SCRAPE
Relative of Ramón TIO
Resembling rabbits LEPORINE
Roast in the oven PORK
Running mates ELOPERS
Scandinavian cousin of Elizabeth II OLAFV
Science 101 microscope specimen ONION
Scrutinize SIFT
Set aside POSTPONE
Set aside TABLE
Shakespearean setting ELSINORE
Smee's job BOSUN
Stock raisers RANCHES
String __ TIE
Sweet stuff ASPARTAME
Take off the schedule AXE
Tastiness SAPOR
They work at the border EDGERS
Wagner portraitist RENOIR
Whalers' meeting, in ''Moby-Dick'' GAM
Winner at Thermopylae PERSIA
Winner at Thermopylae XERXES
Word from the Latin for ''hold'' TENOR
__ wave SINE