New York Times - Apr 25 2013

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Clues Answers
'I'm with ___' (T-shirt phrase) HER
'So what?' WHOCARES
25-Down, en français ELLE
Annoying buzzers GNATS
Be errant, say MISS
Best way to defuse a bomb CALMLY
Birthday, e.g OCCASION
Body scans? LEERS
Brunch dish CREPES
Checkup EXAM
Child actress Patten of 'Song of the South' LUANA
Chip, maybe MAR
Classic cartoon in which 'Kill da wabbit' is sung to a Wagner tune WHATSOPERADOC
Compote ingredient PEAR
Condition STATE
Crazy talk ROT
Desirable, as a job PLUM
Director Forman MILOS
Diverse grouping OLIO
Doesn't rush, say SAUNTERS
Dried out SERE
Exterior house feature GABLE
Fleur-de-___ LYS
France : château :: Spain : ___ CASTILLO
Guarded place POST
Hall of fame MONTY
Hanukkah largesse GELT
Haute cuisine by no means SLOP
Haw's partner HEM
High-___ RES
Hosp. adjunct EMS
Individually APIECE
Intensify, with 'up' RAMP
Intimidates COWS
It has everything COSMOS
Clues Answers
It has lots of pledges PBS
Lux.'s place EUR
Magician's phrase ... or a hint to part of 18-, 25-, 34- and 41-Across PRESTOCHANGEO
Onetime presidential candidate on the Forbes 400 list HROSSPEROT
Org. meting out justice at The Hague ICC
Pitch TOSS
Possible predator of a 26-Down CAT
Possible prey of a 37-Down RAT
Prefix with biology EXO
Primitive farming equipment ONEHORSEPLOWS
Product of Abe Lincoln's wood splitting FENCERAIL
Put away ICE
Small sour fruit CRABAPPLE
Some collegiate output ESSAYS
Some court orders STAYS
Some minor eruptions ACNE
Something placed in the mouth of a pitcher? CHAW
Spills the beans BLABS
Springer on African grasslands IMPALA
Squirrel's nuts, maybe CACHE
Terra warmer SOL
Trap in Penobscot Bay LOBSTERPOT
Troublemaker, perhaps MISFIT
Wetland denizen EGRET
What's that to José? ESA
When said three times, frequent line on 'The Odd Couple' OSCAR
Yukon XL maker, for short GMC
___ talks, offerers of 'ideas worth spreading' TED
___ touch IPOD
___-Japanese War SINO