- Apr 20 2013

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Clues Answers
''Count on me'' IMIN
''Drama, Period'' channel TNT
''Father of Modern Science'' GALILEO
2012 Kennedy Center honoree HOFFMAN
A waste of time OFNOUSE
About as high on the organization chart LATERAL
Accept, as Certified Mail SIGNFOR
Activist admired by Edison PAINE
Andrew Jackson opponent in the Creek War REDEAGLE
Banyan cousin ELM
Big Ten team as of July 2014 RUTGERS
Brit's ''boot'' TRUNK
Casting director's employer FOUNDRY
Catered to FED
China's largest ethnic group HAN
Coin depicting Ataturk LIRA
Considerably advanced FAR
Cook, as pasta for lasagna PREBOIL
Corporation's quarterly report SALES
Dot on a screen PIXEL
Entry on a media Power Grid TVHOST
Falcons' fouls OFFSIDES
Feet, so to speak DOGS
Fit nicely NESTLED
Full-voiced OROTUND
Hydroacoustic device SONAR
Intent GOAL
It puts the ''high'' in highway AIRLANE
It's about as old as the club BLT
It's handled in the kitchen STEWPAN
Make oneself useful SERVE
Musical pause FERMATA
Nature SORT
Needing cheering SAD
Clues Answers
Needing lowering SMUG
Not at all ordinary EERIE
Org. with a She Serves outreach program VFW
Part of a clown costume WIG
Patrolling, perhaps ONDUTY
Pleasant change RELIEF
Prepare for piloting TESTFLY
Prepare for piloting TAXI
Prepares GEARSUP
Pulley with teeth SPROCKET
Refinancing option FHALOAN
Rice is often found there THEUN
Run on YAK
Shakespearean general OTHELLO
Shrank from LOATHED
Site of the only royal palace in the US OAHU
Slacks off EASES
Small specimen DOT
Some ''Wheel of Fortune'' answers PHRASES
Step-by-step guide ROADMAP
Stern REAR
Stipulation PROVISO
Stormed about RANWILD
Surf sound ROAR
Symbol of Ireland HARP
Taking it easy LOAFING
They're fired for thinking NEURONS
To be played slowly LENTO
Topped off REFILLED
What the first Model T's could run on ETHANOL
Why some risks are taken ONADARE
Word before clerk or company STOCK
Word frequently following ''further'' ADO
Yarn spinner's product SKEIN