L.A. Times Daily - Apr 20 2013

Clues Answers
"Being __: A Puppeteer's Journey": 2011 documentary ELMO
"My Word Is My Bond" autobiographer ROGERMOORE
"Weekend Edition" airer NPR
1967 Neil Diamond hit YOUGOTTOME
2012 TV Land Awards host RIPA
Area of concern for FEMA FLOODZONE
Army leader's nickname ARNIE
Attack in a big way STORM
Become more solid GEL
Beethoven's "some" EINES
Biker's hazard RUT
Boston attraction with a permanent Space Race exhibit JFKLIBRARY
Breakaway hit? SOLORECORD
Bureau where stats abound SPORTSDESK
Chichen __ ITZA
Complained underfoot? CREAKED
Data of concern to privacy advocates: Abbr SSNS
Device with a warp beam and heddles LOOM
Divided terr DAK
Extinct carnivore whose name means "different lizard" ALLOSAURUS
Factoid DATUM
Fax button SEND
Garage alternative LOT
Garment looked after by Alfred BATSUIT
Goes downhill fast SKIS
Hit home? SIDEA
Hot stuff LOOT
Hymn starter OGOD
Iberian infants NENES
Iditarod terminus NOMEALASKA
Immortal archer EROS
L.L. Bean's first name LEON
Li-ion cousin NICAD
Like varnished wood RESINY
Major ending? ETTE
Clues Answers
Maples in '90s tabloid news MARLA
Métiers AREAS
Model Heidi who appeared on "Ugly Betty" KLUM
Newsman's asset? NOSE
Not natural MANMADE
O leaguemate JAY
Odist's contraction OER
One to horse around with? STABLEMATE
Patsy's "Ab Fab" pal EDINA
Persian Gulf fleet OILERS
Philadelphia's "P" and Denver's "D," e.g MINTMARKS
Place for an old school tie? ETONCOLLAR
Property manager's sign TOLET
Put great faith in RELIEDUPON
Raison d'__ ETRE
Ready for anything ONONESTOES
Rialto sections LOGES
Rock 'n' roll middle name ARON
Sacred syllables OMS
Shapeless thing BLOB
Short piece STUB
Singer Basil with the #1 hit "Mickey" TONI
Strategic river of 1914 YSER
Stretching out ELONGATION
Suspects ISONTO
Test tube fluids SERA
Tip for a writer? NIB
Tongue twister pronoun SHE
Town north of Shannon Airport ENNIS
Tyrolean songs YODELS
Weighted weapon BOLA
Youngest Bronte ANNE
__ skirt HOOP