New York Times - Mar 18 1997

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Clues Answers
'Beau ___' GESTE
1958 Presley #1 hit DONT
1996 Tony musical RENT
A long time ago ONCE
Actress Chase ILKA
Anatomical passage ITER
Appears SEEMS
Approximately MOREORLESS
Assoc. ORG.
At bats, e.g. STAT
Attempt TRY
Back-to-work time: Abbr. MON
Bit of hope RAY
Buddy PAL
Carolina college ELON
Cases for insurance detectives ARSONS
Certain breakout ACNE
Channels DUCTS
Christmas carol NOEL
Class with a Paul Samuelson text ECON
Corn serving EAR
Cowhand's nickname TEX
Dad's mate MOM
Diminished by MINUS
Director Preminger OTTO
E, in Morse code DOT
Eastern thrushes VEERIES
Eggs OVA
Entreat BEG
Estate home MANOR
Eternal queen, of book and film SHE
Farm mother EWE
Former Mideast merger: Abbr. UAR
Hawaiian necklace LEI
High return LOB
Highlighting SHOWCASING
Clues Answers
Hoped-for effect of having a big military DETERRENCE
In an undetermined place, in dialect SOMEWHERES
In formation ARRAYED
Levy TAX
Like some history ORAL
Like some regions NETHER
Maidens LASSES
Makes amends (for) ATONES
Married WED
Morn's opposite EVE
Mornings, for short AMS
Newspapers PRESS
Nimbus HALO
No middle ground, successwise FEASTORFAMINE
Not guzzle SIP
One whose work causes a stir? CHEF
Operates, as a hand organ GRINDS
Paddle OAR
Part of B.P.O.E. ELKS
Patronize restaurants EATOUT
Pindar's country GREECE
Possess OWN
Pothook shapes ESSES
Robust HALE
Sandwich with fixin's TACO
Smart CHIC
Sounds from the stands RAHS
The Clintons' alma mater YALE
Trial judge Lance ITO
Turndowns NOS
Words before taking the plunge NOWORNEVER
___ firma TERRA
___ kwon do TAE
___ Lanka SRI
___ Olson (ad character) MRS
___ to go (eager) RARING