L.A. Times Daily - Apr 16 2013

Clues Answers
"Cool" monetary amt MIL
"Faust" dramatist GOETHE
"I knew it!" AHA
"No way!" NEVER
"Paper Moon" Oscar winner Tatum ONEAL
"Toy Story" boy ANDY
"You __ dead!": "I'm telling mom!" ARESO
Acidity nos PHS
Actress Burstyn ELLEN
Appears strikingly on the horizon LOOMS
Archaic "once" ERST
Art gallery props EASELS
Away from the wind ALEE
Bartender's twist LEMONPEEL
Beer to drink on Cinco de Mayo CORONA
Berry in healthy smoothies ACAI
Besides Chile, the only South American country that doesn't border Brazil ECUADOR
Break a Commandment SIN
Bush secretary of labor Elaine CHAO
Buyer's "beware" CAVEAT
Change from vampire to bat, say MORPH
City on the Rio Grande ELPASO
Co. letterhead abbr INC
Come down hard on REAMOUT
Considerable, as discounts STEEP
Daily grind RATRACE
Dance around EVADE
Delightful spot EDEN
Emails the wrong person, say ERRS
Even-handed FAIR
Extend an invitation for ASKTO
Extremely poor NEEDY
Feed the kitty ANTE
Fend off REPEL
Filled pasta RAVIOLI
Four quarters ONE
Fred's dancing sister ADELE
French landmass ILE
Clues Answers
Golden Slam winner Graf STEFFI
Greasy spoon grub EATS
Hard to see TINY
Helsinki resident FINN
Hip-swiveling dance HULA
Hit hard RAM
It may be filled with a garden hose KIDDIEPOOL
Jazz classic "Take __ Train" THEA
Kwik-E-Mart owner on "The Simpsons" APU
Like blue hair DYED
Location SITE
Lost color in one's cheeks TURNEDPALE
Madeline of "Blazing Saddles" KAHN
Many, informally LOTSA
Noticeable lipstick color HOTPINK
Over and done ENDED
Punch bowl spoon LADLE
Residential bldg. units APTS
Ruin Bond's martini STIR
Soccer officials REFS
Somme salt SEL
Stack of unsolicited manuscripts SLUSHPILE
Sunrise direction, in Köln OST
Takes home EARNS
Talk show pioneer Jack PAAR
Tax agcy IRS
Terse critical appraisal IHATEIT
Thorn in one's side PEEVE
Ties to a post, as a horse TETHERS
Top-notch STELLAR
Tribal carving TOTEMPOLE
U.S./Canada's __ Canals SOO
Vexes IRKS
Welcome summer forecast COOLAIR
Where Nike headquarters is OREGON
__ market FARMERS