New York Times - Apr 14 2013

Clues Answers
'Bummer!' RATS
'How sad' TRAGIC
'I know the answer!' OHOHOH
'I'll answer your questions' ASKME
'Kitchy-___!' KOO
'Love Me, I'm a Liberal' singer OCHS
'Of course, señor!' SISI
'Say that again?' WHAT
'The Black Cat' writer POE
'The Good Wife' fig ATT
'The Matrix' hero NEO
'The pleasure ___ mine' ISALL
'The ___ Love' (R.E.M. hit) ONEI
'They are,' in Spanish class ESTAN
'With any luck!' IHOPESO
'___ for Evidence' EIS
1984 'educational' Van Halen song HOTFORTEACHER
1998 Grammy-nominated song by the Verve BITTERSWEETSYMPHONY
2012 film starring Johnny Depp as a bloodsucker DARKSHADOWS
2012 film title character who was computer-generated TED
51-Across forerunner OSS
A VHF channel TEN
Actor ___ Patrick Harris NEIL
Actress Long NIA
Actress Lorna LUFT
Apartment rental sign TOLET
Approximately ORSO
Archer's wood source YEWTREE
Attach TAGON
Aunt of 1960s TV BEETAYLOR
Benefits agcy SSA
Blackbird MERL
Breyers competitor EDYS
Broadway title role for Audrey Hepburn GIGI
Burns in the kitchen, maybe SCALDS
Buttinsky SNOOPER
Carrier to Amsterdam KLM
Chicago mayor Emanuel RAHM
Circus tent BIGTOP
Classic novel subtitled 'Adventures in a Desert Island,' with 'The' SWISSFAMILYROBINSON
Collate SORT
Collection of Norse tales EDDA
Comedy routine BIT
Contracted agreement TIS
Discombobulated THROWN
Dry as a bone ARID
Dutch painter Vermeer JAN
Estevez of Hollywood EMILIO
Flat storage site CDROM
Flowering plant used to treat liver ailments MILKTHISTLE
Fragrant necklace LEI
Free RID
French 101 pronoun TOI
Good laughs HAHAS
Got off the stage EXITED
Govt. agent FED
Idolizes ADORES
It can have three or four legs STOOL
It starts every March in N.Y.C EDT
It's high in West Africa BIRTHRATE
Italian Renaissance composer Giovanni GABRIELI
Jesus, for one ALOU
John, to Elton John LOO
Join, in a way WELD
Jumping-on-a-mattress sound BOING
Kind of voyage? BON
Kiss alternative ... or a hint to the starts of 3-, 5-, 10-, 14-, 26-, 64- and 68-Down CHOCOLATEDROP
Knitter's stash SKEINS
Clues Answers
Lady Bird Johnson's real first name CLAUDIA
Lasagna cheese RICOTTA
Lb. and oz WTS
Lead-in to meter ODO
Light, fruity alcoholic drink WHITESANGRIA
Like many basketball drills ONCOURT
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Lump of coal, to Frosty EYE
Makes over REDOES
Making, as one's way WENDING
Medical suffix ITIS
Monroe of the N.B.A EARL
More spine-tingling EERIER
Mountain-climbing hazard LOOSEROCK
MTV's early fan base GENX
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Naval flier ENSIGN
New Age pianist YANNI
New York native ONEIDA
No longer fit in OUTGROW
No-good end? NIK
Odor-___ EATERS
One paying a flat rate TENANT
OPEC nation currency RIAL
Org. for some good drivers LPGA
Other-worldly? EXOTIC
Paganini's birthplace GENOA
Panther figurine material ONYX
Parrot ECHO
Party org DNC
Pelé's given name EDSON
Phone pad letters PRS
Pkg. insert ENC
Place of peace and simplicity ARCADIA
Plays tug of war PULLS
Points on a bus route STOPS
Pontiac's tribe OTTAWA
Provoke SPUR
Pushy types? NUDGERS
Quaint stopovers INNS
Reach, as new heights SOARTO
Ready, with 'up' TEED
Response to 'I promise I will' YOUBETTER
Rice-A-___ RONI
Ring site EARLOBE
Scot's language ERSE
Setting of Barbara Kingsolver's 'The Poisonwood Bible' BELGIANCONGO
Sevilla cheer OLE
Sitting area? TUSH
Some navels INNIES
Some rechargeables AAS
Spurn, as a lover JILT
Step aside, judicially RECUSE
Stopped playing games GOTREAL
Sufficient, in 'Macbeth' ENOW
Surveillance org CIA
Theater keepsake STUB
Topper CAP
TriBeCa neighbor SOHO
Vial fluids SERA
Vintage vehicle REO
Waco-to-Austin dir SSW
What hist. and econ. majors get BAS
When repeated, a 1963 #2 hit LOUIE
Where cruisers cruise OPENSEAS
Words of denial NOTI
Worldly figure? SPHERE
Writer Santha Rama ___ RAU
___ Balls (bygone snack cakes) SNO
___-rock ALT