Universal - Apr 9 2013

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Clues Answers
"Friends" character ROSS
"Hey, buddy, over here!" PSST
"That's neither here ___ there" NOR
"___ Family" (Vicki Lawrence sitcom) MAMAS
Act as a henchman ABET
Act like a scaredy-cat COWER
Actor Jack of old Westerns ELAM
Alternative to a station wagon or convertible SEDAN
Barbie's former boyfriend KEN
Biographical beginning? AUTO
Burgoo or ragout STEW
Burst of thunder CLAP
By itself ALONE
Cabbage side dish SLAW
Carries around, as a set of clubs LUGS
Certifies under oath ATTESTS
Chipped in to get a hand ANTED
Citation's achievement TRIPLECROWN
Clad like an Apostle ROBED
Cloche or bonnet, e.g WOMANSHAT
Coarse woolen coat material TWEED
Confiscate TAKE
Courtroom entry PLEA
Cul-de-___ SAC
Cut off, as a branch LOP
Deer hunter's trophy ANTLERS
Deity representation IDOL
Fingerprinting need INK
Forster's "Howards ___" END
Full of nervous energy ANTSY
Good enough to eat EDIBLE
Government financial limit SPENDINGCAP
Gum arabic-yielding tree ACACIA
Hard-___ (tough) NOSED
Hebrides dialect ERSE
Hood's thousands GEES
How a prima donna likes to sing SOLO
Kind of injection or weapon LETHAL
Let customers in OPEN
Clues Answers
Like Gen. Powell RET
Make a mathematical calculation COMPUTED
Mature female germ cells OVA
Medieval strummer MINSTREL
MGM's lion LEO
Mischievous creature GOBLIN
Molding shape OVOLO
One may be easily dismissed CLASS
One with roses and chocolates WOOER
Part of Texas' nickname LONE
Photoshop special effect BLUR
Place for hero worshipers? DELI
Property recipient, at law ALIENEE
Proved to be quite a poser? MODELED
Relay-race sections LEGS
Sherwood Forest outlaw ROBINHOOD
Something to keep a teller busy? SAGA
Stare open-mouthed GAPE
Store cremated remains INURN
Swirl in the stream EDDY
Swiss warble YODEL
System of servitude PEONAGE
The way to one's heart? AORTA
Toronto-to-Ottawa dir ENE
Trailblazer PIONEER
TV's bilingual explorer DORA
Wake-up times, for short AMS
Wanted poster acronym AKA
Warehouse's purpose STORAGE
Watchmaker's eyepiece LOUPE
Watson's code letters DNA
Wedding sine qua non RING
Wednesday preceder ASH
Where the game is if not home AWAY
With the greatest of ___ EASE
Word often preceding "proportions" EPIC
Your Majesty SIRE
___ Annie ("Oklahoma!" character) ADO
___ the Hyena of "Li'l Abner" LENA