New York Times - Apr 5 2013

Clues Answers
'Batman' comics sound KAPOW
'High School Musical' actor ZACEFRON
'Well, that one doesn't work' ITSADUD
'___ Almighty' (2007 film) EVAN
'___ your point' ITAKE
Adam Smith or Ethan Allen DEIST
Anthony's XM Radio partner OPIE
Awarder of a thimble to Alice, in 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' DODO
Babe Ruth mark broken by Roger Maris SIXTY
Balance sheet figure NETWORTH
Ball-bearing piece TEE
Big game show prize NEWCAR
Bit of barnyard onomatopoeia BAA
Common sights in the Rockies ASPENS
Court luminaries NBASTARS
Desperate DIRE
Dog-ear, e.g FOLD
Exemplars of thinness REEDS
Field of three Nobel Prizes: Abbr SCI
Figure on a manufacturer's balance sheet COSTS
Frequent Jack Kirby comics collaborator STANLEE
Frequently, quaintly OFT
Gives oneself something to aim for SETSAGOAL
Greasy part of pork FATBACK
Grp. whose flag has 12 stars THEEU
Half of an old comic film duo PAKETTLE
Horse show demonstrations GAITS
It includes picking the place EXACTA
It's baked in Italy COTTA
Clues Answers
Item on a Christmas list TOY
Kegler's org PBA
Kindergarten comeback ARESO
Last song heard on Disneyland's Splash Mountain ZIPADEEDOODAH
Like some operations COVERT
Meaty Applebee's morsel RIBLET
Mortimer of old radio SNERD
Noted cliff in Yosemite Valley ELCAPITAN
NPR's Roberts COKIE
Pal 4 life BFF
Party person, for short POL
People without a religious affiliation, in modern lingo NONES
Pioneer in psychoanalysis ADLER
Pop punk band with the 2002 triple-platinum album 'The Young and the Hopeless' GOODCHARLOTTE
Prime, as bonds AAARATED
Puffed ___ WHEAT
Q-tip, e.g SWAB
Relative of sleet ICERAIN
Relatively important meeting? FAMILYREUNION
Request at a palace, maybe KNEEL
Salt source SEA
Samurai who's lost his lord RONIN
Scottish sprout WEELAD
Stops lying ARISES
Take without credit AUDIT
The 'needle' part of needle grass AWN
Woody Guthrie and others OKIES
Word on a bingo card FREE
Works in the kitchen KNEADS
___ Island RHODE