L.A. Times Daily - Apr 4 2013

Clues Answers
"(I've Got __ in) Kalamazoo" AGAL
"Golly!" GEE
"Got it!" AHA
"Ooky" family name ADDAMS
"Red light!" HALT
"That's gotta hurt!" OUCH
"__ never know what hit 'em!" THEYLL
"__ vostra salute!": Italian toast ALLA
1-Down unit CELL
Accommodates OBLIGES
Actress Thurman UMA
Additive sold at AutoZone STP
Beatles song syllables OBLA
Boy scout's handiwork KNOT
Burt's Bees product BALM
Canvasses POLLS
Delta rival: Abbr UAL
Diamond deception found in this grid nine times: eight in square four-letter clusters, the ninth formed by the clusters' outline HIDDENBALLTRICK
Ethiopia's Selassie HAILE
Family nickname MOMMA
Fashion monthly ELLE
Financial degs MBAS
First name in jazz ELLA
French designer's inits YSL
French door part PANE
Freshly groomed CLEANCUT
Giant slugger OTT
Guinness superlative TALLEST
His, in Honfleur SES
Hold fast ADHERE
Hugo's "Ruy __" BLAS
In an arranged swap, she guest-hosted "The Tonight Show" in 2003 on the same day Jay guest-hosted "The Today Show" KATIE
In medias __ RES
It's close to 90 BPLUS
Items that can open doors IDBADGES
Clues Answers
Its four-color logo no longer has overlapping letters EBAY
Kelly who voiced Nala in "The Lion King" MOIRA
Latch (onto) GLOM
Laurel & Hardy producer Roach HAL
Letter-shaped brace LBAR
Newcastle specialty ALE
Nocturnal bear URSA
Nos. not on some restaurant menus CTS
Not virtuous IGNOBLE
Nursing a grudge SORE
Org. with towers AAA
Pb is its symbol LEAD
Prayer supports? KNEES
Prideful place? LIONSDEN
Rain-__: bubble gum brand BLO
Re-entry request STUB
Skedaddle LAM
Some kneejerk responses DENIALS
Spot for many a curio MANTEL
Spotty coverage? ACNE
Startup segment PHASEONE
Stockholm flier SAS
Syrup source TREESAP
Takes the spread, e.g WAGERS
That, in Tijuana ESA
Tripart sandwich BLT
Twist in a gimlet LIME
Two-bagger: Abbr DBL
Vacation spots GETAWAYS
Vicious with a bass SID
Visitor-friendly Indonesian island BALI
Wallace of "E.T." DEE
Winter melon CASABA
With proficiency ABLY
Woolly beasts LLAMAS
XL piece: Abbr LGE
__ Mama: rum drink BAHAMA