USA Today - Apr 3 2013

Clues Answers
"Have ___" (waiting room offer) ASEAT
"___ bygones be bygones" LET
"___ the weather?" HOWS
1970 World Series champs or 1981 Beatty film REDS
Aid for getting to the top TBAR
Air force? GALE
Ally of Carthage UTICA
Alternative to a watering can HOSE
Always, to an old poet EER
As high as you can get ACME
Banned bug bane DDT
Barbie accessory TIARA
Bellow from Bossy MOO
Big bundle of bucks WAD
Bit attachment REIN
Bit of drollery JAPE
Bowl-shaped cookware WOK
Build, as a monument ERECT
Built-out window ORIEL
Bull in Chihuahua TORO
Capital Territory of India DELHI
Certain medical symptoms ACHES
Chinese philosopher ___-tzu LAO
City on the Vistula River WARSAW
Congress setting HILL
Cuisine featuring lemongrass THAI
Defrosts THAWS
Diamond complements NINES
Elaborately adorned ORNATE
Empty talk WIND
Fauvist painter Matisse HENRI
Female deer DOE
Fencer's harmless weapon EPEE
Fraternity letter TAU
Functional UTILE
Having the means ABLE
Hyphen's cousin DASH
Inland sea in northern Canada HUDSONBAY
Clues Answers
It made old Jed a millionaire OIL
Just one of those things? THAT
Last single statement? IDO
Lizard's hangout? LOUNGE
Memorable Joan Crawford title role MILDREDPIERCE
Miner's bonanza ORE
Multi-octave singer Sumac YMA
Musical miscellany OLIO
Naval capabilities SEAPOWER
Nowitzki of the NBA DIRK
One-spot cards ACES
Paving stone SETT
Pinta's companion NINA
Played around (with) TOYED
Port between Buffalo and Cleveland ERIE
Prefix with "-pedic" ORTHO
Produced a sum ADDED
Purple bloom LAVENDER
Quarter of eight TWO
Severance package payments? ALIMONIES
Singles ONES
Slow, in music LARGO
Squirrel's nest DREY
Starring film for Carl Weathers ACTIONJACKSON
Tenth-inning counterparts, briefly OTS
The living end? DEATH
They're no rainmakers CIRRI
Two-headed calf, for one ODDITY
Tyler Perry character MADEA
Type of macaroni ELBOW
Voice below soprano ALTO
Washington's Pennsylvania (Abbr.) AVE
What "we go 'round," in a kids' song THEMULBERRYBUSH
What a settlement avoids TRIAL
Word with "floor" or "current" OCEAN
Yap or trap MOUTH
Years ___ (in the past) AGO
Yucca plant cousin ALOE
Zapped surgically LASED