Irish Times (Crosaire) - Apr 1 2013

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Clues Answers
A holder of sensational impulses? No, it's butterflies in one's stomach ABAGOFNERVES
Brecht replaces troop leader with engineer found at back of gun BREECH
By Jupiter, perhaps they come as a real shock THUNDERBOLTS
Caught more than anyone else on the farm OUTFIELD
Egyptian leader finds the genuine stuff seems too perfect for this world ETHEREAL
European Union admits cross with bank found originally outside American suburbs EXURBS
Father gets speedy resolution for topping on bread roll POPPYSEED
Father of the house has a previous criminal conviction PRIOR
Friendly American food body in army provides chaos for mother and Lawrence MESSMATE
Garda artist is a bit of a dry nut COPRA
Handling error at turner¿s cross is always suspected FOULPLAY
Harmony behind Diana's disagreement DISUNITY
High moral standards missing energy with expertise in the arts VIRTU
In a way, Bray host ringleader offering winning margin at the Curragh BYASHORTHEAD
Clues Answers
Irish love returning it to skinhead for nothing GRATIS
Made it equal for first lady to meet Edward EVENED
Make oneself insignificant to sweetheart with party card EFFACE
No going back to you worn out alone ONYOUROWN
Perfect example of former partner in hospital holding broken palm EXEMPLAR
Policeman let loose wail at Hindu festival DIWALI
Read the riot act to father returning Scotsman to his assembly ADMONISH
Requires resistance to be irritable in the driver¿s seat in New York CABBY
RTE1 and TG4 catch canon in the end NETWORKS
Sounds like aunty takes history at Oxford with first course in Italy ANTIPASTO
Sounds like court swindle has strings attached TENNISRACKET
Start of 9 across is empty missing youth leader free from obligation EXEMPT
Starting of 1 across I see is for one making ten for maximum productivity EFFICIENT
The French director general catches mother with playboy LADMAG