L.A. Times Daily - Mar 31 2013

Clues Answers
"Bloom" star Stephen REA
"Darn it!" NERTS
"Licensed to __": Beastie Boys album ILL
"The Simpsons" real estate agent Gunderson GIL
"__ sure you're aware …" ASIM
'60s Defense secretary MCNAMARA
'90s U.N. secretary-general Boutros-__ GHALI
2011 Liam Neeson film involving a wolf pack THEGREY
6-Down counterpart founded by Billie Jean King WTA
Abdominal VENTRAL
Ambulance VIP EMT
Ancient Andean INCA
Asserts sans proof ALLEGES
At a Lakers home game, e.g INLA
Aweigh ATRIP
B.J. or Justin of baseball UPTON
Bases-loaded walk stat RBI
Believing in the green-cheese moon, say NAIVE
Boozer's affliction DTS
Bush advisor Rove KARL
Casing outing, briefly RECON
Cause of Cleo's demise ASP
Chain with stacks IHOP
Cinematographer's concern CAMERAANGLE
Coddled kitty, e.g PURRER
Commandment verb SHALT
Consider DEEM
Crossword-solving Simpson LISA
Crushable container CAN
Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, e.g OWNER
Element's combining power VALENCE
Epps of "House" OMAR
Evelyn Waugh, but not George Eliot MAN
Event where the number 12 is important, and a feature of 12 two-word answers in this puzzle AAMEETING
Festive occasion GALA
Finished ALLDONE
First Japanese car to be produced in the U.S HONDAACCORD
Fish eggs ROE
Fjord-like inlet RIA
Flower stalk STEM
Former Bears coach DITKA
Full or half holds NELSONS
Gets away from ELUDES
Go out with __ ABANG
Goody-goody's "headwear" HALO
Grant-providing gp NEA
Hair disheveler GUST
Hamburger beef? ACH
Ideal for growing ARABLE
In the past AGO
Interactive website plug-in JAVAAPPLET
Ireland's __ Islands ARAN
Italian for "small rolls" PANINI
Italy's La __ SCALA
Its largest hub is in Atlanta DELTAAIRLINES
J.Lo, for one LATINA
Jobs offering of 2007 IPHONE
Just as prescribed TOATEE
Kept under wraps HID
Knocked the socks off AMAZED
Lambeau Field pro PACKER
Let the tears go SOB
Leveling initials TNT
Like koalas ARBOREAL
Like some shoulders BROAD
Literally, В“the tar" LABREA
Mad-as-all-get-out state IRE
Clues Answers
Mao's successor HUA
Max Ernst, for one DADAARTIST
Men's tennis org ATP
Mexican Mrs SRA
Mezzo Marilyn HORNE
Military attack ASSAULT
Modern ending? IZE
Morsel ORT
Mozart highlight OPERAARIA
Mozart's "__ fan tutte" COSI
Native Nebraskan OTO
Ob/gyn test AMNIO
Official emblem SEAL
Once, archaically ERST
One of Edison's 1,000-plus PATENT
One working on figures? ICESKATER
Orange County seat SANTAANA
Org. in the film "Sneakers" NSA
Oscar winner Anna MAGNANI
Ovine bleat BAA
Palm tree nut ARECA
Patriotic org DAR
Physics bits ATOMS
Pink Floyd album including "Dogs" and "Sheep" ANIMALS
Pop singer Lambert ADAM
Powerful perch THRONE
Pujols blasts: Abbr HRS
Put in the crosshairs TAKEAIM
Quaint "Not so" TISNT
Racing great Bobby UNSER
Reacted to a massage AAHED
Real estate listing abbr RMS
River past Berne AAR
Rocker Young NEIL
Rub with oil ANOINT
Save a date, say MAKEPLANS
Saved up AMASSED
Scratch (out) EKE
Sea-Tac posting ARR
Search, with "down" PAT
Seraglio room ODA
Shows the way (to) LEADSIN
Site of '60s action NAM
Sleep lab acronym REM
Smoothing tool PLANER
Soldat's weapon ARME
Spring LEAP
Stampede rope RIATA
Stars at the Forum? ASTRA
Start of a rhyming Basque game JAI
Starts the haggling at ASKS
State with a panhandle IDAHO
Stinging remark BARB
Tapped-out letters SOS
Texas Hold 'em variety NOLIMIT
Thing in court RES
Tibetan breed LHASAAPSO
Train-stopping spots: Abbr STAS
Turtledove DEARIE
TV chef Garten INA
Unusual thing RARAAVIS
US Open champ between John and Mats IVAN
Very little ADAB
Well-stated APT
Wolfe who tracks crooks NERO
Wrist-directed reprimand SLAP
Young __ UNS
[Gasp!] OHNO
__-de-France ILE