L.A. Times Daily - Mar 29 2013

Clues Answers
"Barnaby Jones" star EBSEN
"Goodbye, Columbus" author ROTH
"Shark Tank" airer ABC
"Where __": 1996 Beck hit ITSAT
Actress Anderson LONI
Amsterdam cops? DUTCHHEAT
Barely earn, with "out" EKE
Beginning to bat? ACRO
Bemoan RUE
Brit. recording heavyweight EMI
Broadway governess ANNA
Brooklyn Nets forward Humphries KRIS
Cartoonists, at times INKERS
Cause of a big slice MISHIT
Chambéry shout CRI
Class-conscious org.? PTA
Cleaver kid BEAV
Clicking site MOUSEPAD
Clothes lines HEMS
Collaborative website WIKI
Common base TEN
Corp. leader CEO
Creamy spread BRIE
Difficult spot STEW
Dissenting group SECT
Duke's home DURHAM
Early Nebraskans OTOS
Editor's mark STET
Fireside shelf HOB
Focal points LOCI
Hairy "pet" CHIA
Hayseed that doesn't tip? CHEAPHICK
Hide cyberspace crimes? COVERONESHACKS
Ho's instrument UKE
Honey drink MEAD
In need POOR
Leapfrog FLIT
Clues Answers
Like some imaginations OVERACTIVE
Like the L.A. Times Building ARTDECO
Mac alternatives PCS
Macbeth or Hamlet ROLE
Málaga-to-Cádiz dirección OESTE
Mardi Gras torch FLAMBEAU
Most cozy HOMIEST
MP's concern AWOL
Mr. __: Dr Pepper rival PIBB
NBA military appreciation initiative, and a hint to this puzzle's theme HOOPSFORTROOPS
Nitwit BOOB
Objects of poolside ogling? SWIMMINGHUNKS
Offer to one who's been recently blessed? TISSUE
Oklahoma city ADA
Olive, for one TREE
Parting word ADIEU
Pay dirt ORE
Peace rally slogan BANTHEBOMB
Pendleton Act pres CAA
Peppy SPRY
Ph.D. seeker's exam GRE
Pickup initiator LINE
Points a finger at IDS
Potbellied PAUNCHY
Prepared SET
Push for payment DUN
Realizes SEES
Remote button MUTE
Seals's partner CROFTS
Sounds of disdain TUTS
Spanish address DONA
Strong-legged bird EMU
Styptic stuff ALUM
The Supremes or Cream TRIO
Victim of spoilage? BRAT
Word of sharing OUR
Writer Marilyn __ Savant VOS
__4: Toyota SUV RAV