New York Times - Mar 28 2013

Clues Answers
'Jar of Hearts' singer Christina TOREADOR
'___ Majesty's Secret Service' ONHER
1974 John Carpenter sci-fi film POETE
7 on an old phone ARESO
Aging equipment? VATS
Author Sinclair CALIENDO
Backstage STEELE
Baudelaire ou Rimbaud OHS
Beginning with ASOF
Best-selling thriller author Daniel ___ URI
Blowout victory SPAS
Bridge INDO
Cheerleader's asset DICTA
Cleo of jazz OTTOS
Come and go PENT
Company that makes Turf Builder SCOTTS
Connect with SNYDER
Criticize harshly SCATHE
Cutting-edge product? ATRA
Didn't just mislead someone SHE
Do something about MDCIV
Escamillo of 'Carmen,' e.g ROUT
Fourth of July celebrants COEN
Full of salt DEFER
Geller with claims of paranormal powers CAMDEN
Have ___ (live it up) ARISE
Hectic places in hosps ERS
Heed the alarm ACTON
Hot spot TAMPA
Impressionist Frank ABCDE
Inarticulate comebacks OSCINE
It takes the cake RRATED
It's a long story EDNA
It's often the last choice BRIN
Like a cool cat HEP
Clues Answers
Locked (up) MASON
Masked assassin LAYS
N.F.C. South city RESORT
Not for tweens, say RECUR
Not the same TIETO
Novelist Ferber NEE
Numbers needed for letters NOTON
Old group whose members are all represented in this puzzle THIRTEENCOLONIES
Places for sweaters OVEN
Playground retort GASSES
Priebus's predecessor as Republican Party chairman UPTON
Relating to songbirds STOVE
Relish SANS
Several Holy Roman emperors NATIONAL
Smooth, in a way PUM
Sneaker brand UNDO
Soft seat SOFA
Sponsor of an annual science competition ZIPCODES
Start of 'The Alphabet Song' ORC
Table LIED
Tolkien baddie ABALL
Tom who followed Johnny Carson on NBC DONHO
Trowel user INTEL
Vacation destination PAVE
Waikiki warbler OTHER
Washington player NINJA
Wise alternative SPIRIT
Year 'Othello' was first performed PRS
Yonder yacht PERRI
___ brothers (Hollywood duo) SPAN
___ Yards LAINE
___-European SILVA