Universal - Mar 16 2013

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Clues Answers
"Bonanza" star Lorne GREENE
"ESP" center SENSORY
"Give ___ rest!" ITA
"Good heavens!" EGADS
"Have we ___?" MET
"How-to" book MANUAL
"Poly" attachment ESTER
"Your ___ wearing thin" ACTIS
'90s video store mantra, "Be kind, ___" REWIND
202.5 degrees SSW
Abodes way up high AERIES
Accomplished DID
Advanced degree in mathematics? NTH
Agatha Christie's pocketful? RYE
Already sketched DRAWN
Areas around altars for the clergy and choir BEMAS
Auto insurance factor AIRBAG
Babe and Baby RUTHS
Become stuck LODGE
Begin work in earnest GETCRACKING
Bewitches with juju VOODOOS
Bon ___ (cleanser) AMI
BP gas brand AMOCO
Brain scan readout, for short EEG
Bribe SOP
Certain Ivy Leaguer ELI
Charged particle ANION
Chemically nonreactive INERT
Clothe TOG
Coastal eagles ERNES
College bigwigs DEANS
Combat-ready ARMED
Demagnetize, as a tape ERASE
Drollery WIT
Eat into ERODE
Escape punishment GETAWAYWITH
Evidence that no one disputes DNA
Exhilarate THRILL
Clues Answers
Eye or back problem STRAIN
Eyebrow-raising STRANGE
Finally start GETAROUNDTO
First lady McKinley IDA
Fish with long jaws GAR
Guru Nanak follower SIKH
Has one's portrait painted SITS
Has the guts DARES
Hover menacingly IMPEND
Kind of deal BIG
Like marbled meat VEINY
Missouri-to-Maine dir ENE
Nighttime, poetically EEN
Of low character IGNOBLE
Offspring of Japanese immigrants NISEI
Omega's preceder PSI
Open, as an aspirin bottle UNCAP
Opposite of the seven seas? DRYLAND
Outback steakhouse meat? EMU
Palindromic time EVE
Pampered one? TOT
Players may up it ANTE
Poetic foot DACTYL
Rowdy moppet IMP
Send in payment REMIT
Shown on television AIRED
Story lines on TV ARCS
The "A" in A.D ANNO
Turn informer SNITCH
Uncle Sam's mail org USPS
What Dana spent two years before MAST
Wife of Abraham SARAH
Yearling's age ONE
Youngstown's state OHIO
___ chi TAI
___ cum laude MAGNA