L.A. Times Daily - Mar 3 2013

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Clues Answers
"I'm responsible" BLAMEME
"My man!" BRO
"Not __" YET
"Revolutionary" Chopin work ETUDE
"The War Between the Tates" author Alison LURIE
"__ out!" YER
"__ to PM": 2001 Christina Milian hit AMTO
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
Absolutely awful STINKO
Almond-flavored liqueur AMARETTO
As a group ENMASSE
Aussie lad BOYO
Ballpark staples FRANKS
Bar bill TAB
Barely ran? STREAKED
Best-selling physician DRSPOCK
Bks. in progress MSS
Bond girl Ekland BRITT
Bootery spec EEE
Break down ROT
Bus driver's course: Abbr RTE
Ceramic pot OLLA
Chewed stuff CUD
Chills out RESTS
Choir member ALTO
City in Pennsylvania Dutch country LEBANON
City whose police cars sport a witch logo SALEM
Cleansing rite associated with Easter MAUNDY
Cohn played by Pacino in "Angels in America" ROY
Collectible calculators ABACI
Contraption that gives skiers a lift in more ways than one? COFFEETBAR
Corp. jet group MGT
Crimean Peninsula city YALTA
Cub with many dingers SOSA
Debussy's "Clair de __" LUNE
Doughnut box word KREME
Economy-boosting govt. issue? STIMULUSTBILL
Empathize with RELATETO
Eschews the doorbell RAPS
Fedora feature BRIM
Fire truck device SIREN
Flutist's warble TRILL
Freaky to the max EERIEST
Game with swinging and dancing? DISCOTBALL
General __ chicken TSOS
German painter Nolde EMIL
Getty of "The Golden Girls" ESTELLE
Goat's cry MAA
Golden, in Paris DOR
Grammy-winning Gorme EYDIE
Handed down, in a way ORAL
Hanging Gardens site BABYLON
Hubbub ADO
Humble home ABODE
Ice cream maker Joseph EDY
Ill-fated king LEAR
Increase, with "up" REV
Kemo __ SABE
King Kong's love ANN
Klutz OAF
Knife of yore SNEE
Largest U.S. union org AFLCIO
Lemony drinks ADES
Like some back roads ONELANE
Like some coll. courses REQD
Louis XVI's queen ANTOINETTE
Low voice BASSO
Make amends ATONE
Clues Answers
Mattress brand SERTA
Maynard's pal in '50s-'60s TV DOBIE
Money-managing exec CFO
More fit TRIMMER
Motto for the Untouchables? STANDBYYOURTMAN
Name on a range AMANA
Nourishes FEEDS
Object in court RES
Ocean floor SEABED
Overhaul the lawn RESOD
Paint a picture of DESCRIBE
Parishioner's obligation TITHE
Party org DNC
Patient attention, briefly TLC
Persian Gulf sight TANKER
Pianist known for his Beethoven interpretations ARRAU
Pie fruit LIME
Poetic dusks EENS
Polish targets NAILS
Pond flower CALLA
Popular 19th-century heading WEST
Potent conclusion? IAL
Prefix with -crat TECHNO
Prosperous outlying areas EXURBS
Purchases that give you a run for your money? TREADMILLS
Riding sidekick TONTO
Ripped TORE
River of Spain EBRO
Rust, e.g OXIDE
Salt in a lab NACL
Sandwich order ONRYE
Sea eagles ERNES
See 62-Down FOR
Software development phase BETATEST
Spring title on a beefcake calendar MRMAY
Steaks served at roasts? FUNNYTBONES
Stereo on one's shoulder BOOMBOX
Still in the game ALIVE
Strain EXERT
Sun. talk SER
Sunbeam brand OSTER
Sunday ritual MASS
Surfer's gadget REMOTE
Surpassed OUTDID
Sweet'__: drink additive NLOW
Sympathy seekers MARTYRS
Teachers' org NEA
The Green Wall of China is designed to slow its expansion GOBI
The Mustangs of the NCAA's Conference USA SMU
Theban king's dinosaur? OEDIPUSTREX
Tic-tac-toe loser OXO
Timeline beginning YEARONE
Tones (up) FIRMS
U2 frontman BONO
VersaVac maker ORECK
Where the action is HUB
Widely used base TEN
Wight or Man: Abbr ISL
Wild animal BEAST
With 100-Across, petition ASK
Wordsworth works ODES
Workout count REPS
Worn wreath LEI
Writer Bagnold ENID
Young __ UNS
Zebra patterns STRIPES
__ buco OSSO
__ Nostra COSA
__ wool STEEL