- Mar 2 2013

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Clues Answers
''A nest of robins in her hair'' source TREES
''After __'' (2005 ''Economist'' article on the Fed) ALAN
''American Dad!'' employer CIA
''Blonde'' novelist OATES
''Guerrilla Prince'' subject FIDELCASTRO
''I would give all my fame for a pot of __'': Shak ALE
''News'' Store at many airports CNBC
''No thanks'' ILLPASS
''On the Balcony of the __ Rosada'' (''Evita'' tune) CASA
''The Ugly'' to Clint's ''The Good'' ELI
1980 National Book Award winner, familiarly GARP
2002 Best Song Oscar nominee ENYA
A student's place DEANSLIST
Alabaster shaper RASP
All in SPENT
Auction action NODS
Bag holders TEACADDIES
Betrayed timidity CREPT
Billy, in Bologna ELMO
Brush off IGNORE
Bust DUD
Can't take HATES
Category between subfamily and genus TRIBE
Caught EYED
Certain tadpole NEWT
Class covering airways CPR
Commanded LED
Disclaimer of a sort ASIS
Dreaded examination IRSAUDIT
Drummer or pitcher SALESMAN
Easily knocked off ACED
Entry on J's family tree IOTA
Fantasy gaming army OGRES
For flight AERO
Clues Answers
Goes __ APE
Islamic patriarch AARON
Largest Southern Hemisphere city SAOPAULO
Learn slowly GLEAN
Literally, ''bounced'' SAUTE
Mass movement AGNUSDEI
Much less than 20 AFEW
Olmos role of '88 MATHTEACHER
Opposite of ''adorn'' MAR
Party, for short DEMS
Perpetration COMMITMENT
Pliers part NOSE
Poet once banned by Franco LORCA
Prepare to partake from, perhaps UNCAP
Progenitors SEEDS
Project extension ILE
Reference material INFO
Rookie firefighter PROBIE
Seem to whirl SWIM
Sister brand of FRAM PRESTONE
Something held in a bracket AGE
Stop on Route 66 AMARILLO
Straight off ATONCE
The Louvre, originally CHATEAU
They may be coping SAWS
TR trademark PINCENEZ
Verbal insensitivity TINEAR
Weaknesses FAULTS
Where many vets work ZOOS
Words spoken while shaking UPANDATEM
__ de Toulouse-Lautrec HENRI
Г%8Ele-de-France region BRIE