- Mar 18 2013

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Clues Answers
''Absolutely!'' in Acapulco SISI
''In __ we trust'' (US motto) GOD
Affixes in a scrapbook PASTES
Arctic ice sheet FLOE
Baby grand, for example PIANO
Baldwin of ''30 Rock'' ALEC
Batter's success BASEHIT
Battery fluid ACID
Be released from jail GOFREE
Beloved DEAR
Biblical garden EDEN
Border lines EDGES
Change for a $5 bill ONES
Church steeple SPIRE
Coke and Pepsi COLAS
Commencement attendee GRAD
Con game SCAM
Container for homemade pickles CANNINGJAR
Dalmatian's marking SPOT
Dons, as clothes PUTSON
Eager to listen ALLEARS
Elevates LIFTS
Espresso beverage LATTE
Evaluate ASSESS
Fireplace fillers LOGS
Fortune teller SEER
General Robert E. __ LEE
Golf pegs TEES
Group of office accessories DESKSET
Group of ships FLEET
Grownup ADULT
Having no warranty ASIS
Heavy weights TONS
Historical period ERA
Huron or Erie LAKE
Husband or wife SPOUSE
Icy precipitation SLEET
In the know AWARE
Increased ROSE
Clues Answers
Intense devotion ARDOR
Internet user's destination WEBPAGE
Letters after kays ELS
Luau instrument, for short UKE
Makes a meal COOKS
Metal that rusts IRON
Metric prefix for ''thousand'' KILO
Midday meal LUNCH
Mined rock ORE
Mo. when spring starts MAR
Moonshine container JUG
Netlike fabric MESH
No longer a minor OFAGE
Not at all colorful PALE
Out of whack ASKEW
Pan-fry SAUTE
Percolating carafe COFFEEPOT
Performs in a play ACTS
Pesky insect GNAT
Proverb ADAGE
Really angry IRATE
Resistance against attack DEFENSE
Rudolph's red feature NOSE
Safe and __ (out of danger) SOUND
Saudi Arabia's continent ASIA
Secret writing CODE
Security workers GUARDS
Short memo NOTE
Skin opening PORE
Soft drink container SODABOTTLE
Stovetop whistler TEAKETTLE
Suitor WOOER
Thorn in one's side BANE
Vagabond HOBO
View again RESEE
Wisdom tooth, e.g MOLAR
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Young goat KID
Yours and mine OURS