Jonesin Crosswords - Mar 12 2013

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Clues Answers
"Edit" menu option UNDO
"Fanny" author Jong ERICA
"I'm amazed!" WOW
"Moral ___" (Cartoon Network show) OREL
"Now I see!" AHA
"___ Window" REAR
After-dinner wine PORT
California/Nevada lake TAHOE
Category for Daniel Day-Lewis BESTACTOR
Club on the fairway TWOIRON
Clue weapon ROPE
Columbus Day's mo OCT
Comet, for example CLEANSER
Conjunctions seen with a slash ANDOR
Cool, in 1990s rap parlance PHAT
Disaster, like the four movies in the theme entries BOMB
Dizzy Gillespie genre BOP
Ford's famous flop EDSEL
Geometric shape: abbr RECT
Golfer Palmer ARNIE
Gp. that regulates carry-on luggage TSA
Having ___ hair day ABAD
Hide words from the kids, maybe SPELL
Hill of the Clarence Thomas scandal ANITA
Honk the horn TOOT
Host with rumors of retiring in 2014 LENO
It may be more LESS
It may be spliced GENE
Itinerary collected by a rock historian BANDGIGLISTING
Krabappel of "The Simpsons" EDNA
Line on a graph AXIS
Makes new friends? ADDS
Maritime patrol gp USCG
Market divisions? SHOPS
Mass ___ (Boston thoroughfare, to locals) AVE
Monkees member Peter TORK
Not in any way NOHOW
Clues Answers
One woodwind OBOE
Option given by Howie Mandel NODEAL
Orange Muppet ERNIE
Outside the box UNORTHODOX
Pattern for highland families SCOTTISHTARTAN
Pleasant NICE
Pop singer Anthony MARC
Prefix meaning "within" ENDO
Pumbaa's cartoon buddy TIMON
Richard or Maurice of 1940s fast food MCDONALD
Rickman, in the "Harry Potter" films SNAPE
Scrape spot KNEE
SeaWorld star attraction SHAMU
Secondary study MINOR
Simon in South American history BOLIVAR
Snipe or thrush BIRD
Soapmaking caustic LYE
Sound purchase? STEREO
Stuffed doll material PLUSH
Super-long ride LIMO
Terms and conditions option AGREE
The present TODAY
The South DIXIE
Therefore HENCE
Trips around the earth MOONORBITS
TV chef Paula DEEN
Two, in Toulouse DEUX
Village Voice award OBIE
Vizquel of baseball OMAR
Wallace of "E.T." DEE
Way back when ONCE
Wesley Snipes title role BLADE
With a high BMI OBESE
Word after Gator or Power ADE
Yoko of "Dear Yoko" ONO
___ Majesty HER
___ pit MOSH
___ to rest LAIN