Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 11 2013

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Clues Answers
'-- the season to be jolly' TIS
'I, Robot' author ASIMOV
'What Not to Wear' specialty MAKEOVER
-- de foie gras PATE
24 hours DAY
A billion years EON
A deadly sin ENVY
Acknowledge AVOW
Beer cousin ALE
Bestowed profusely LAVISHED
Boo-Boo's buddy YOGI
Buy stuff SHOP
Cavort ROMP
Drink all at once CHUG
Enervate SAP
Eye layer UVEA
Favorite PET
Fellow CHAP
Final bio OBIT
Forcible restraint DURESS
Franc replacement EURO
Grand tale EPIC
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Greek vowel IOTA
Grown-up nits LICE
Hawaii's capital HONOLULU
Hollow pastry POPOVER
Id counterpart EGO
ID on 'CSI,' maybe TOETAG
Imagine in detail ENVISAGE
Improvised musically VAMPED
Clues Answers
Literary collection ANA
Lively dance GALOP
Luxury boat YACHT
Man's man VALET
Morning-after ailment HANGOVER
Moving truck VAN
Notes between dos and mis RES
Onetime head of Iran SHAH
Opulent RICH
Pacific or Atlantic OCEAN
Pantheon group GODS
Paul Reubens' character Herman PEEWEE
Pen pal? INK
Pitch TAR
Pork cut LOIN
Presidential 'no' VETO
Resistance unit OHM
Rewrite, maybe EDIT
Rhett's shocking word DAMN
Roe provider SHAD
Scruff NAPE
Seller of food, often PURVEYOR
Spot on a domino PIP
Squeezy snake BOA
Tenth mo OCT
Time between connecting flights LAYOVER
Venomous vipers ASPS
Viral video, e.g MEME
Yukon and Tahoe, for ex SUVS