L.A. Times Daily - Mar 9 2013

Clues Answers
"I almost always write about very young people" speaker JDSALINGER
"Mike & Molly" network CBS
"Steakhouse inspired" food company ALPO
"To show false Art what beauty was of __": Shakespeare YORE
"Uh-uh" NAH
'80s-'90s Mormon leader __ Taft Benson EZRA
1999 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Warren SAPP
2011 civil war setting LIBYA
Abbr. that usually refers to people ETAL
ASCAP charter member COHAN
Avoid detection LIELOW
Bar lineup RYES
Bit of paste RHINESTONE
Black Sea resident ODESSAN
Brief post-game summary WELOST
Bright AGLOW
Cabbage MOOLA
Certain leg DRUMSTICK
Chicago team, on Spanish radio OSOS
Clinton Cabinet member SHALALA
Consumed amounts INTAKES
CPA's work SCHED
Defense org. since November 2001 TSA
Dirtbags SLEAZES
Drillers' org ROTC
Electrolysis particle ANION
Financial metonym WALLSTREET
Gene Vincent's "__ Lovin'" LOTTA
In the beginning ORIGINALLY
Israir alternative ELAL
It's retold often LORE
Its two halves can't run simultaneously CHESSCLOCK
Keep from going higher CAP
Clues Answers
Lack of pies, say SPOONERISM
Less bananas? SANER
Less likely to be seen RARER
Many a turkey TOM
Many millennia EONS
Once in a while ONOCCASION
One objecting to a called strike SCAB
Parallel meas LAT
Part of a French toast SANTE
Part of a spread DISH
PC feature that doesn't do anything by itself CTRL
Peripheral connection SERIALPORT
Polish, in a way EDIT
Position JOB
Presidential Seal's 50 STARS
Quince factor CINCO
Regulus is in it LEO
Retirement planning consideration NETASSETS
Ritz alternative HIHO
Roused WOKE
Rural landmark SILO
Seasonal poem lead-in TWAS
Self-titled 1969 jazz album ELLA
Show on which Notre Dame's Manti Te'o was interviewed KATIE
Sierra Nevada, e.g BEER
Some coll. degrees BAS
Speech troubles LISPS
Target opening BULLETHOLE
They're sometimes seen in columns ANTS
Time-saving, commercially REDI
Tweed lampooner NAST
USSR successor CIS
View from the Jefferson Memorial TIDALBASIN
Whipped cream amount GLOB
Who's Who entries BIOS
Works with one's hands KNEADS