Universal - Mar 8 2013

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Clues Answers
"City Slickers" co-star Kirby BRUNO
"Hanging" problems in the 2000 election CHADS
"Once ___ a midnight dreary ..." UPON
"Put ___ writing!" ITIN
"Rolling in the Deep" singer ADELE
"Whether ___ nobler ..." TIS
"___ Blas" (Lesage novel) GIL
"___ home is his castle" AMANS
"___ it" (thief's admission) ITOOK
'70s "fever" DISCO
1, 66 or 95, on GPS (Abbr.) RTE
Abbr. in a real estate ad BDRM
Adoptable animals STRAYS
Athletic shoe bottom SOLE
Atomic number of hydrogen ONE
Bad spot for dandelions to appear LAWN
Balance-sheet pluses ASSETS
Become aware of SENSE
Become troublesome ACTUP
Bequest recipients HEIRS
Bewildered utterances HUHS
Big cheese in Greece FETA
Bit of reality? DOSE
Botanical intersection NODE
Captures, as a wild animal ENSNARES
Carry on wildly RAVE
Champing at the bit ANTSY
Charles' family pet, in film ASTA
Circle measurements RADII
Cleanse with soap and water LAVE
Colorful opening course MIXEDGREENSALAD
Cryptographer's A ALFA
Deserving a lower insurance premium SAFER
Ends bachelorhood WEDS
Eschew the restaurant EATIN
Fabled fast starter HARE
Fairy tale monsters OGRES
Far-away filler? AND
Clues Answers
Frittered (away) WHILED
Good's opponent EVIL
Gratify PLEASE
Groups of indigenous plants FLORAS
Gutter locale EAVE
Head covering HOOD
Highly reliable evidence DNA
Inconclusive IFFY
It can make waves PERM
It gets you a hand DEAL
Kewpie, for one DOLL
Lab measuring unit GRAM
Lowing places LEAS
Lustrous gem OPAL
Make a bad situation worse TWISTEDTHEKNIFE
Mental health SANITY
On edge TENSE
Opera solo ARIA
Pigmented part of the eye UVEA
Poi, essentially TARO
Preside over, as a committee CHAIR
Rancorous, as a divorce MESSY
Ready for the dentist's drill NUMB
Relinquishes CEDES
Roman who recorded Greek mythology OVID
Sgts. and cpls NCOS
Sing the praises of EXTOL
Stretchy seaside sweet TAFFY
Teamwork obstacle EGO
They include kids from other marriages BLENDEDFAMILIES
Told a story NARRATED
Tonsorial service SHAVE
Turn aside, as a gaze AVERT
Word with "media" or "exodus" MASS
___ down (softened) TONED
___ monster (lizard) GILA
___ up (quits talking) DRIES
___-Penh, Cambodia PNOM