New York Times - Feb 26 2013

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Clues Answers
'Avatar' people NAVI
'For real!' NOLIE
'Hannah and ___ Sisters' HER
'It's a deal!' YOUREON
'Peer Gynt' widow ASE
20 Questions category VEGETABLE
Alaska's ___ Peninsula KENAI
American avant-gardist MANRAY
Anti-Parkinson's prescription LDOPA
Baseball stat RBI
Before, to Kipling ERE
Bit of Indian music RAGA
Bolted RAN
Calculator screen abbr LCD
Campers' campers, for short RVS
Comic actor Dom DELUISE
Corruption ROT
Dark wood EBONY
Dessert that may include a banana SUNDAE
Doctors' signatures, stereotypically SCRAWLS
Doesn't act up BEHAVES
Doesn't budge STAYS
Dry Italian wine SOAVE
Enjoys literature READS
Eye irritation STYE
Failed to DIDNT
Fat's opposite SLENDER
Figure in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts HELLE
Finish line GOAL
Former Supreme Court justice often seen in a bow tie STEVENS
Grabbed a chair SAT
Hank with the retired #44 AARON
Homework assignment ESSAY
Italian lawn bowling BOCCI
Kind of tide NEAP
Clues Answers
Lacking a roof OPENAIR
Lightly wash RINSE
Liquide clair EAU
Merit EARN
Musician Brian ENO
N.F.L. scores TDS
One of the Bobbsey twins NAN
Org. that monitors oil spills EPA
Overthrown ruler of 1979 THESHAH
Pass perfectly ACE
Petrol GAS
Plexiglas, e.g ACRYLIC
Raccoon relative COATI
Recover from a break, say HEAL
Ring wallops, informally KOS
Singer Streisand BARBRA
Spanish king REY
Sporty car introduced in '55 TBIRD
Stashed away HID
Step inside ENTER
Take captive NAB
Tax season busy bee, for short CPA
Tennessee ___ TITANS
The class of '13 in '13, e.g SRS
Times Square sign shown in lowercase letters TKTS
Trireme implement OAR
Urgent dispatch SOS
Where 'all the people that come and go stop and say hello,' per the Beatles PENNYLANE
Where 'the nights are stronger than moonshine,' per America VENTURAHIGHWAY
Where 'we can make it if we run,' per Bruce Springsteen THUNDERROAD
Where 'we gonna rock down to,' per Eddy Grant ELECTRICAVENUE
Where 'you'll drink the night away and forget about everything,' per Gerry Rafferty BAKERSTREET
Yet, informally THO
___ deferens VAS
___-Magnon man CRO