L.A. Times Daily - Feb 20 2013

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Clues Answers
"99 Luftballons" singer NENA
"Fantasia" tutu wearer HIPPO
"Star Trek" role UHURA
"Titus __": 16th-century play ANDRONICUS
"__ Small World" ITSA
12-in. albums LPS
1977 film in which 59-Across says, "Awards! They do nothing but give out awards!" ANNIEHALL
1998 animated film released the month before "A Bug's Life" ANTZ
2011 film in which Owen Wilson says, "Wonderful but forgettable. That sounds like a picture I've seen. I probably wrote it." MIDNIGHTINPARIS
Approves quietly NODS
Aswan landmark DAM
Blackmore heroine DOONE
Calc prereq TRIG
Cereal grain OAT
Close-Up, e.g TOOTHPASTE
Consumer advocate Brockovich ERIN
Crummy LOUSY
Directing brothers COENS
Fifth wheel ODDMANOUT
Fjord, for one INLET
Formosa, now TAIWAN
From the U.S AMER
From then on SINCE
Gift of a sort DONATION
Give a good talking-to SCOLD
High time? NOON
His mausoleum is in Tiananmen Square MAO
Hollywood crosser VINE
Holm and McKellen IANS
In the lead AHEAD
Jim Davis dog ODIE
Justin Bieber or the golden calf IDOL
Lena of "Chocolat" OLIN
Lesley of "60 Minutes" STAHL
Letterman rival LENO
Lionel train, say MINIATURE
Makes a home NESTS
Clues Answers
Mercury Seven org NASA
Minister's house MANSE
Native Alaskan ALEUT
No __ sight ENDIN
Oft-burned object DISC
Oldest musketeer ATHOS
Outmaneuver ONEUP
Paint as wicked DEMONIZE
Peoria-to-Decatur dir SSE
Posterior HIND
Pre-LCD screen CRT
Previously owned USED
Pro foe ANTI
Question eliciting "Let's!" WANNA
Ready to pour ONTAP
Rich cake TORTE
Rocky hellos YOS
Scatter, like petals STREW
Seuss's "The 5000 Fingers of __" DRT
Simoleons MOOLA
Starts the pot ANTES
Stax Records genre SOUL
Stench ODOR
Stratford's river AVON
Sweets, in Naples DOLCI
Sycophant YESMAN
TD's six PTS
Thaw once more REMELT
Tidy up NEATEN
Time in ads NITE
U2 producer or, backwards, U2 hit ENO
Vital vessel AORTA
When Romeo meets Juliet ACTI
Willy, Biff or Happy of drama LOMAN
Winner of screenwriting Oscars for the three quoted films WOODYALLEN
With 16-Across, 1986 film in which Dianne Wiest says, "But you have to remember, while you read and you're cursing my name, that this is my first script." HANNAHAND