USA Today - Feb 20 2013

Clues Answers
"Just wait '___ next year!" TIL
"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" playwright ALBEE
"___ to your health!" HERES
Actress Ruby DEE
Adult grigs EELS
Annapolis newbie PLEBE
Any boat, affectionately SHE
Arroz con ___ (chicken-and-rice dish) POLLO
Award for "Modern Family" EMMY
Aykroyd of "The Blues Brothers" DAN
Beaten at chess MATED
Boot camp VIP SGT
Bruce of kung fu films LEE
Brutally cancel, as a sitcom AXE
Bunyanesque HUGE
Calif. touchdown site LAX
Cause friction, in a way RUB
Certain race participant MOTORCAR
Color of some sand dunes in Utah CORALPINK
Comedian Bruce LENNY
Confident of one's superiority SMUG
Cooking apparatus STOVE
Drawer of ships? TUG
Dromedary feature HUMP
Encoded A's ALFAS
Enveloping glow AURA
Erik the Red, for one VIKINGCHIEF
Falco of TV EDIE
Fear of many FAILURE
Gravy Train competitor ALPO
Haberdashery accessory TIECLIP
Hiker's path TRAIL
Incidentally BYTHEBYE
Insert in the game USE
It may follow intermission ACTII
It's a rite answer IDO
It's straight from the horse's mouth REIN
Clues Answers
K-P link LMNO
Kodiak Island creature BROWNBEAR
Longtime Boston Symphony conductor OZAWA
McGregor of "The Phantom Menace" EWAN
Memento TOKEN
Monte Viso, e.g ALP
Mounts, as a horse GETSON
Move away from the crowd STRAY
Naked Goya subject MAJA
Not at home, as a baseball game AWAY
One-celled protozoans AMEBAE
Out on ___ (exposed to danger) ALIMB
Palindromic animal EWE
Paris' ___ Rivoli RUEDE
PGA event TOUR
Pirate's drink RUM
Popular business plane FALCONJET
Quattros AUDIS
Reluctant LOATH
Rodeo bull, at times COWBOYCHARGER
Russia's Sea of ___ AZOV
Season opener? ESS
Shipped off SENT
Something to put your name on FORM
Stop being neutral TAKESIDES
Strapped for cash SHORT
Taken to the cleaners HAD
Tea variety PEKOE
Terrible grades EFS
They're often apparent HEIRS
Third rock from the sun EARTH
Tinseltown statuette OSCAR
Toilets at Wimbledon LOOS
Versatile card ACE
Wall Street corporate takeover figure, e.g GIANTRAIDER
What good singers sing in KEY
Where to see stars? ONTV
With the greatest of ____ EASE