USA Today - Feb 19 2013

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Clues Answers
"Batman" co-creator KANE
"Iliad" quarreler HERA
"Moonlight" and "Farewell," e.g SONATAS
"Well, whaddya know!" AHA
Abruptly stop discussing DROP
Absolute ruler DESPOT
African fly TSETSE
Alpha-gamma connection BETA
Bacon portion SLAB
Bargain setting? BASEMENT
Bell's invention PHONE
Beyond the fringe OUTRE
Biters in the boonies SKEETERS
Blurb below an author's photo BIO
Brazil's ___ Paulo SAO
Cabbage kin KALE
Cancel, as a rocket launch SCRUB
Career golfers PROS
Carnal desire LUST
Carry on wildly RAVE
Characteristic TRAIT
Chore TASK
Clownish miming APERY
Comfy den furniture EASYCHAIRS
Compressed data? INFO
Culinary author Rombauer IRMA
Destructive insect APHID
Doughboy's ally POILU
Editor's override STET
Egg without a shell OVUM
Experience together SHARE
Facing difficulties with strength and determination TOUGHMINDED
Follow an event ENSUE
Game of chance BEANO
Give a nudge PROD
Give off, as an odor EMIT
Grassland unit ACRE
Grp. putting letters in boxes USPS
Clues Answers
Having a hard time choosing TORN
He works for Chief Wiggum LOU
In need of an ice pack SORE
Islamic leader EMIR
It may be written in stone RIP
JFK guess ETA
Licoricelike flavor ANISE
Light on one's feet SPRY
Make like a snake COIL
Missouri town where Harry Truman was born LAMAR
Mongolian invader TATAR
Moroccan capital RABAT
New Mexico tourist town TAOS
Not even close to being difficult SIMPLEASABC
Of Nordic stock ARYAN
One may be clerical ERROR
Pencil that's obviously seen better days STUB
Promote growth in NURTURE
Rajah's mate RANI
Rosemary's creator IRA
Round peg DOWEL
Rx specification DOSE
She's a real deer DOE
Shoelace tip AGLET
Singer Amos TORI
Slumbered SLEPT
Sort of sword EPEE
Take the money and run ABSCOND
Tedious task ONUS
They don't believe it CYNICS
Tyne or Timothy DALY
Type of wrench SOCKET
Very small amount IOTA
Where the eagle has landed? AERIE
William with a state named after him PENN
Workers for the lord SERFS
___ Dee (Carolina river) PEE
___ gin fizz SLOE