L.A. Times Daily - Feb 16 2013

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Clues Answers
"Fin d'Arabesque" painter DEGAS
"If everything works out ..." IDEALLY
2003-'04 OutKast chart-topper HEYYA
American port below the 20th parallel HILO
Anteater's slurp in the comic "B.C." ZOT
Appt. book sequence MTWTF
Arab League member since 1962 ALGERIA
Arctic game CARIBOU
Augur's reading OMEN
Bagel order, maybe DOZEN
Bernie __, subject of the 2011 book "The Wizard of Lies" MADOFF
Bingo call BTEN
Broadway legend Hagen UTA
Chirac's successor SARKOZY
Cleansing agent BORAX
Command to Fido DOWNBOY
Decent, so to speak CLAD
Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, familiarly—he holds the NCAA Division I men's basketball record for most wins COACHK
Either "A Serious Man" director COEN
Emotional one-eighty MOODSWING
Empty talk WIND
Emulated a '50s TV father? KNEWBEST
Enduring ETERNAL
Ethel Waters title line following "Now he's gone, and we're through" AMIBLUE
Familiar title of Beethoven's "Bagatelle No. 25" FURELISE
Fitch who partnered with Abercrombie EZRA
Floor AWE
Gallery event ARTSALE
Geometric art style DECO
Gets stuffed FEASTS
Getting there ENROUTE
GI assignments KPS
Got the lead out? MINED
Hershey's candy ROLO
HVAC measure BTU
Clues Answers
IBM hire, maybe ENGR
Karate takedown maneuver FOOTSWEEP
Lady Violet in "Downton Abbey," e.g DOWAGER
Large branches BOUGHS
Latte option HALFCAF
Like the least risky bonds TRIPLEA
Litter sounds YIPS
Lucky groups? SEPTETS
Majestic euphemism ROYALWE
Many Civil War mess kits TINWARE
Monopoly deed word RENT
Much spam ADS
Nash's "ill wind that no one blows good" OBOE
Nasty fall SLEET
Not being buffeted as much ALEE
One doing cabinet work? FILER
Over-90 day, say SIZZLER
Pulled off DID
Run after a fly? TAGUP
Run together BLUR
Schemer SLYFOX
Sci-fi destination MOONBASE
Striped marbles AGATES
Texter's soul mate BFF
The "G" in G.K. Chesterton GILBERT
Turgenev's birthplace OREL
Unprotected, in a way OUTDOOR
Vitamin starter? MEGA
Without any aptitude for BADAT
Wrangler's charge HERD
WWII Pacific Theater battle site CORALSEA
__ arts MARTIAL
__ pass SEASON