New York Times - Feb 14 2013

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Clues Answers
'An expensive way of playing marbles,' per G. K. Chesterton GOLF
'Beetle Bailey' dog OTTO
*Alternative to a Crock-Pot DUTCHOVEN
*Campaign from town to town BARNSTORM
*Comfy place FIRESIDE
*Gathering spot for the upwardly mobile? ELEVATORCAR
*Metaphor for a sharp mind STEELTRAP
*Where a cast may be found BACKSTAGE
A Jackson LATOYA
Advance again RELOAN
Algebra problem directive SOLVEFOR
American Heart Mo. (appropriately) FEB
Best buds? ROSES
Big do FRO
Broadcast workers' union AFTRA
Case who co-founded AOL STEVE
Caught fish in a pot, say EELED
Clear RID
Compounds with nitrogen AMINES
Dangerous buildup in a mine GASSES
Day of rest SHABBAT
Detour-causing event PARADE
Directs REFERS
Discernment of a sort EAR
Eastern wrap OBI
Eight-time Oscar nominee who never won OTOOLE
Enumeration follower ETC
Filibusterers, e.g.: Abbr SENS
Four-time Pro Bowler Ahmad RASHAD
Garment with buttons on the left BLOUSE
Gen. Scowcroft who advised Ford and Bush BRENT
Hunters of the now-extinct moa MAORIS
Jai ___ ALAI
Like some stocks, for short OTC
Like Texas vis-à-vis New York, politically REDDER
Limerick scheme AABBA
Clues Answers
Make lean DEFAT
Massage target, maybe EGO
New mintage of 2002 EUROCOIN
Oahu-to-Molokai dir ESE
Oncology procedure CTSCAN
One of the Canary Islands LAPALMA
Onetime Ebert partner ROEPER
P.R. agents' aids PDAS
PayPal money ECASH
Pitcher Hideo ___ NOMO
Prefix with thermal EXO
Put off till later SHELVE
Return address for many absentee ballots: Abbr APO
Rick who sang 'Together Forever' ASTLEY
Saturn or Mercury ORB
Sharp tastes TANGS
Shippers' plans: Abbr RTES
Skater ___ Anton Ohno APOLO
Some frills LACE
Some poor Olympic scores ONES
Stylishness ELAN
Test with letters EYEEXAM
Tow job, maybe REPO
Truly YEA
Turn about SLUE
Universal donor's classification TYPEO
Wall St. insider, maybe ARB
Weak ___ TEA
Welcoming symbol ... or what each part of the answers to the six starred clues can do? OPENDOOR
What George lacks? HARDG
Where a cast may be found LEG
Woman in a garden EVE
___ canto BEL
___ cheese BLEU
___ fu KUNG