The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 25,865 - Feb 7 2013

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Clues Answers
Appear stern in retrospect LOOKBACK
Birds, we hear, transport poet LORIKEETS
Car and truck manufacturer with end of candle burning AUTODAFE
Chicken or … ? YELLOW
Critical business discussion in house of ill repute KNOCKINGSHOP
Dope needs time for classes GENERA
Drive off in second and use horn unceasingly SHOO
Find Guardian leaders in sink DIGUP
Foot rot for a peasant? ANAPAEST
Funny bones with bit of bridle NOSEBAND
Fussy car rental HARDTOPLEASE
Heartless jade, say, longing for wine GRENACHE
Heavy metal, please, not heavy hymn LEADKINDLYLIGHT
In a manner of speaking, carrying a sign INDICATION
Clues Answers
In church they are pronounced as outlaws BANNS
Just how streaker runs BARELY
Legal club turning lights out, say BUGLECALL
Measure introduced in Burma somehow gives protection UMBRELLA
Musician having time off with head of enclosed order ORGANISE
My groundhogs! GOSH
Patron saint of squirrel monkeys ELMO
Poet wanting old penny for stake ANTE
Producer of pictures getting actors into cast CARTOONIST
Smack dog that's left a bit of hair KISSCURL
Small room, very large instruments CELLOS
Woman going to Indian city for potent drug VIAGRA
Writer from United Nations penning Spanish article BELLOC