- Feb 4 2013

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Clues Answers
''Hard-boiled'' breakfast EGG
''Not guilty,'' for one PLEA
''Winning __ everything'' ISNT
Actor's prompt CUE
Add up to TOTAL
Airport entryways GATES
All-inclusive ENTIRE
Baby bear CUB
Bank clerk TELLER
Be furious FUME
Bonnets and berets HATS
Butterfly catchers NETS
Car transmission selections GEARS
Carpet measurement AREA
Casino cube DIE
Change for a $5 bill ONES
Charming woman BELLE
Creative liberty ARTISTICLICENSE
Dad's brother UNCLE
Debate topic ISSUE
Desirable quality ASSET
Don't include OMIT
Donut center HOLE
Dozes (off) NODS
Enjoy a novel READ
Enthusiast FAN
Fish eggs ROE
Gear teeth COGS
Gladden CHEER
Gradually narrow TAPER
Gush out SPEW
Hard, as a mattress FIRM
Hindu exercise system YOGA
In addition ALSO
Inactivity IDLENESS
Irritable TESTY
Kindled LIT
Lawyer: Abbr ATT
Leave the path STRAY
Clues Answers
Low-quality POOR
Merited EARNED
Monastery resident MONK
Move quickly RUSH
Mrs., south of the border SRA
Nevada city RENO
Observe SEE
Odor detectors NOSES
Oil cartel OPEC
Party beverage PUNCH
Peddles SELLS
Penetrate drop by drop SEEPIN
Performers' platform STAGE
Period of history ERA
Placing under arrest MAKINGACOLLAR
Point at the target AIM
Poor grade DEE
Prefix for legal or medic PARA
Press, as a shirt IRON
Renown FAME
See eye to eye AGREE
Soccer or tennis SPORT
Song syllables TRALA
Sports stadium ARENA
Subject of discussion TOPIC
Submarine locator SONAR
Supreme Court Justice Kagan ELENA
Swelled head EGO
Take advantage of USE
Tenant's monthly payment RENT
Theater seater USHER
Transmit SEND
Under tight control ONASHORTLEASH
Urban tree SYCAMORE
Used to be WAS
Very unkind CRUEL
Without a warranty ASIS
__ and rave RANT