L.A. Times Daily - Feb 3 2013

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Clues Answers
"Ben-Hur" broke its Oscar record GIGI
"Bill & __ Excellent Adventure" TEDS
"Ghosts" playwright IBSEN
"Guerrilla Warfare" author GUEVARA
"Rodent" band since the 1980s RATT
"SNL" alum Cheri OTERI
"The Lion King" trio HYENAS
"The Reader" Oscar winner WINSLET
"__ man with seven wives ..." IMETA
"__ only take a minute" ITLL
*"Love, Actually" actor LIAMNEESON
*Get down and dirty? MUDWRESTLE
*High-ranking administrator SENIOROFFICIAL
*Home of a 360-member music group MORMONTABERNACLE
*Really pricey spread BELUGACAVIAR
*Teetotaler, for the night DESIGNATEDDRIVER
*Vera Wang's field HAUTECOUTURE
118-Across's home, familiarly SOCAL
AAA offering RTE
Ached (for) YEARNED
Actress Pressly JAIME
Alpo rival IAMS
At attention RAPT
Bachelor finale? ETTE
Barely leading UPONE
Bruin rival TROJAN
Bumper defect DING
Bygone U.N. member USSR
Carry with effort LUG
Cause to erupt ENRAGE
Celebrity chef Paula DEEN
Charlottesville sch UVA
Chest with tablets ARK
Chiang __-shek KAI
Chou En-__ LAI
Chum BRO
Coffee pot remnant DREG
Composer Telemann GEORG
Copy cats? EDITORS
Creepy gaze LEER
Crock-Pot utensil LADLE
Cuddly toys, or what can be found at the two-letter "head" and "tail" of the answers to starred clues STUFFEDANIMALS
Destructive material TNT
Devise HATCH
Dimwit MORON
Doesn't interfere with LETSBE
Early 103-Down player WEST
Economical shorthand in store names SAV
Far from certain IFFY
Few and far between RARE
Forearm-related ULNAR
Free-for-all SPREE
Friend of Rabbit ROO
Fruity soda brand FANTA
General of Chinese cuisine TSO
German import OPEL
Grab hold of SEIZE
Hanna-Barbera fan's purchase CEL
Heads down DESCENDS
Hero with a mask BATMAN
Highly decorated ORNATE
Home with a between-floors entrance SPLITLEVEL
Idyllic locale EDEN
Important Dadaist ARP
Important thing BEALL
In a deft manner ABLY
ISP choice DSL
It may influence which club you choose LIE
Jaworski of Watergate LEON
Kitchen spray PAM
Clues Answers
Lenient SOFT
Let drain, as a sink UNSTOP
Like a muumuu LOOSE
Like some drafts MALTY
Limo driver's request, perhaps ETA
Major bummer DRAG
Maneuver, as a ship PILOT
Martial arts mercenary NINJA
McDonald's fixture FRIER
Mideast land OMAN
Mighty storm DELUGE
Misspeak, say ERR
Mo. in which the Emancipation Proclamation was delivered JAN
Mocha native YEMENI
Modern diary BLOG
Modern greeting ECARD
Monarch's reign, e.g ERA
Most astute KEENEST
Moved, as a lifeboat OARED
Musical dedicatee whose true identity is the subject of much speculation ELISE
Narrow-brimmed fedora TRILBY
Nasty rumor CANARD
Nolan Ryan, notably FIREBALLER
Non-negotiable charge SETFEE
Not eating anyone's dust AHEAD
Not very generous STINGY
Number of Oscars for 64-Across NINE
Official nix VETO
One less than vier DREI
Online self-image AVATAR
Part of ADA: Abbr ASST
Prefix with nautical AERO
Prepare for additional use REFIT
Quaintly small ITSY
Rattle FAZE
Really advocate PUSHFOR
Really excited STOKED
Refuse to bite one's tongue POPOFF
Reheat, in a way ZAP
Reunion attendee ONCLE
Sailing places SEAS
San __: Calif. city or its county MATEO
Slip into DON
Smooth movement FLOW
Society page word NEE
Some ATM sites ATRIA
Source of knowledge GURU
Speak bluish? SWEAR
Stayed too long at the fare? OVERATE
Super-popular HOT
Symbol of decency FIGLEAF
Takes painkillers, say AILS
Tête output IDEE
Theater chain LOEWS
They may be casual REMARKS
Thoroughly goes over VETS
Title woman in a Jolson classic MAMMY
Tokyo brew ASAHI
Types ILKS
Typically tough life phase TEENS
U. muck-a-mucks BMOCS
Union contract subject PAYSCALE
Virginia et al STATES
Was jealous of ENVIED
Web periodical EZINE
West Indies island TOBAGO
Wide assortment ARRAY
Will Smith title role ALI
Wood purchase CORD
Yank's enemy REB