Universal - Jan 26 2013

Clues Answers
"Buccaneers" Bay TAMPA
"Fat chance, laddie!" NAE
"Little Red Book" chairman MAO
"Maximus to Gloucester " poet Charles OLSON
Airport posting (Abbr.) ETA
Appraise RATE
Assuming everything goes as well as possible ATBEST
Balkan War participant SERB
Biting parody SATIRE
Bolt attachment NUT
Bowery brown-bagger of yore WINO
Brooklyn Bridge's river EAST
Church niches APSES
Cindy Brady's impediment LISP
Cinematography units REELS
City once known as Christiania OSLO
Clapping animal SEAL
Colonial insect ANT
Coral ring ATOLL
Dangerous marine creature ORCA
Distribute (with "out") METE
Enter, as computer data INPUT
Europe's highest active volcano ETNA
Evidence of firing a weapon POWDERBURNS
Faction SECT
Farm equipment name DEERE
Former Venetian bigwig DOGE
Gather, as grain REAP
Gumbo pod OKRA
Iranian cash RIALS
Is a pioneer TRAILBLAZES
It might pop into your head IDEA
It's set by a judge BAIL
Jazz great Vaughan SARAH
Jazz players are found here UTAH
King of horror STEPHEN
Legendary city of gold ELDORADO
Lord of the manor LIEGE
Love intensely ADORE
Clues Answers
Maine forest mainstay FIRS
Make tracks on ice SKATE
Manhandles MAULS
Minute circus star FLEA
More thick-skulled DENSER
Nautical direction ABEAM
Navigation dir ENE
On fire, as a building UPINFLAMES
Part of a geisha's garb OBI
Part of a subway entrance STILE
Persona non ___ GRATA
Proofreader's notation STET
Psychic radiance AURA
Rear of a plane TAIL
Regretful one RUER
Relatives of ostriches EMUS
Remarkable person or object LULU
Render impotent NEUTER
Sandwich cookie OREO
Sandy navigational hazard BAR
Shankar tunes RAGAS
Shooter of gold-tipped arrows EROS
Show penitence ATONE
Smacking blow SLAP
Small quarrel TIFF
Some envelopes MANILAS
Some spa treatments MUDBATHS
Songwriter Carole Bayer SAGER
Start of many French restaurant names CHEZ
The smallest of three famous ships NINA
This snake counts? ADDER
Title for Gandhi MAHATMA
Twerp's cousin NERD
Uncontrolled woodland burnings BRUSHFIRES
Urban air problem SMOG
Wine press residue MARC
Word with "tag" or "booth" PHONE
Years ___ (in the past) AGO