L.A. Times Daily - Jan 26 2013

Clues Answers
"Act naturally" BEYOURSELF
"Boo!" reaction START
"Ciao!" TATA
"Moreover ..." AND
"They've rigged this whole thing!" THEFIXISIN
"__ is like kissing your sister": sports chestnut ATIE
A passel TONS
Alloy used to make knives MOLYBDENUMSTEEL
Baseball feature SEAM
Bath scrubber LOOFAH
Becomes disillusioned SOURS
Beguile AMUSE
Big blast NTEST
Bird that builds hanging nests ORIOLE
Botanical balm ALOE
Brasil '66 leader MENDES
Briefs not seen in court, hopefully BVDS
Come down hard TEEM
Cushy EASY
Device hidden by a concerned parent NANNYCAM
Em's title AUNTIE
Erstwhile 19-Across overseer: Abbr AEC
Gives kudos LAUDS
Gives off EMANATES
Guest in a library EDGAR
Hard to read DEADPAN
Heredity source GENEPOOL
High-end fashion designer COUTURIER
It may make honeymooners a bit misty NIAGARA
Italian Baroque painter known for ceiling frescoes GUIDORENI
Jane Austen's aspiring matchmaker EMMA
Jumper cable connection point ANODE
Clues Answers
Largest island in the Cyclades NAXOS
Less clumsy ABLER
Like the cap worn by Annette MOUSEEARED
Mexican stuffed pastry EMPANADA
Mrs. Hudson, to Sherlock Holmes LANDLADY
Name on many compacts ESTEE
Navigational aid CANAL
Nine-digit fig SSN
Old Gremlin maker AMC
One piggy's portion NONE
Patted down TAMPED
Picked out of a lineup IDED
Pringles competitor STAX
Q's neighbor TAB
Red-flowering desert shrub OCOTILLO
Scrapped, at NASA NOGO
Smidge IOTA
Some 19th-century industrialists RAILBARONS
Sound from your favorite toy? YIP
Space Invaders platform ATARI
Subject to a trade-in reduction DENTED
Throw money around, in a way OVERTIP
Tiny colonist ANT
Tributes in verse ODES
Twice tre SEI
Unoriginal TIRED
Way to get in ACCESSCODE
What social climbers may put on? AIRS
You usually don't get one when you ground into a DP RBI
Zipped through ACED