Universal - Jan 25 2013

Clues Answers
"Benjamin Button" star Pitt BRAD
"Beverly Hills Cop" character Foley AXEL
32-Across, for one ARAB
Absorbed the cost of ATE
All-you-___-eat CAN
Approx. landing time ETA
Bar mitzvah reading source TORAH
Blackthorn fruits SLOES
Buying binge SPREE
C&W singer George STRAIT
Chinese cooking necessity WOK
Clusters of grass TUFTS
Cocktail mainstay RUM
Color-full bottles DYES
Commit a faux pas ERR
Cries of derision HAHS
Dads or pops PAS
Damascus native SYRIAN
Daytime showing SERIAL
Didn't use scissors TORE
Double trios SEXTETS
Drives the point home? STABS
Dwelling place ABODE
Elbow room LEEWAY
Emotionally distant ALOOF
Ending for "puppet" or "profit" EER
Evidence of ownership TITLE
Farewell abroad ADIEU
Focuses (on) FIXATES
Give off, as light EMIT
Give the slip to ELUDE
Greek writer of fables AESOP
Handle pressure TAKETHEHEAT
Humdingers LULUS
Hung carelessly, say DRAPED
London insurance pioneer LLOYD
Modern composer Thomas ADES
Mogul governor NAWAB
More quick to the helm YARER
Clues Answers
Mr. ___ (R. Crumb character) NATURAL
Non-pc commercial writer ADMAN
Not well-kept SHABBY
Numbered musical piece OPUS
NYC's Park or Madison AVE
Old PC screen CRT
Old-fashioned argument enders DUELS
Org. that accredits law schools ABA
Outlawed spray DDT
Parliamentary vote YEA
Quint portrayer in "Jaws" SHAW
Refine ore SMELT
Royal flush card ACE
Ruffles feathers VEXES
Seam treasure ORE
Second Hebrew letters BETHS
See 36-Across BEAUTS
Small piece of cloth or paper TAGEND
Some like it hot TEA
Something to build on ACRE
Something to stick with? GLUE
Storage building, on a farm SILO
Swift-running Aussie bird EMU
They're straight HETEROS
Tour de France perch BICYCLESEAT
Umps' counterparts REFS
Utter indistinctly SLUR
Vintage OLD
Well-thought-out SOUND
What an unrequited lover carries TORCH
What ogles made the handsome butcher feel like? PIECEOFMEAT
Where a King marched SELMA
Where worms may be served NEST
White vestment ALB
Word in many band names THE
Word used to distinguish seals EARED
Words spoken in front of witnesses IDO
___-di-dah LAH