- Jan 21 2013

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Clues Answers
''A likely story!'' HAH
''Mamma Mia!'' singing group ABBA
''Nothin' __!'' (''Forget it!'') DOIN
Adolescent TEEN
At that time THEN
Baker's tray COOKIESHEET
Be worried FRET
Bend down STOOP
Big zoo beast, for short RHINO
Bikini top BRA
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Boot bottom SOLE
Bravery in battle VALOR
Cheerios ingredients OATS
Close by NEAR
Cope with change ADAPT
Dad's dad GRAMPA
Deceived MISLED
Dog-biscuit shape BONE
Doodler's tablet SCRATCHPAD
Drive onward PROPEL
Elm or eucalyptus TREE
Entryway DOOR
Fall into a chair PLOP
Fidel of Cuba CASTRO
Fish of the zodiac PISCES
For you and me OURS
From your neighborhood LOCAL
Go quickly RUSH
Goes bad ROTS
Graceful bird SWAN
Great Salt Lake state UTAH
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Have the opinion FEEL
HS junior's exam PSAT
Icy precipitation SLEET
Invitation abbreviation RSVP
Kid's guessing game ISPY
Clues Answers
Let fall DROP
Like a lot ADORE
Made simpler EASED
Madrid Mrs SRA
Magazine's pictorial grouping PHOTOSPREAD
Make another duplicate of RECOPY
Make over REDO
Mannerless person BOOR
Mariner's call for help SOS
Martini add-in OLIVE
Merchandise ID UPC
Molecule part ATOM
Name of a book TITLE
Not fooled by ONTO
On an even __ (steady) KEEL
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Owl's call HOOT
Plaything TOY
Poorly lit DIM
Promissory notes IOUS
Racetrack postings ODDS
Rhyme writers POETS
Roof overhang EAVE
Say ''Hi!'' to GREET
School-skipping student TRUANT
Sightseeing aids for tourists AREAMAPS
Song for one person SOLO
Soup cookware POT
States as fact SAYSSO
Stop marching HALT
Thread holders SPOOLS
Tie-breaking games PLAYOFFS
Tip of a shoe TOE
Top-notch AONE
Tries a bite of TASTES
Twelve-mo. spans YRS
Wanderer NOMAD
Wife of Abraham SARAH