Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 17 2013

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Clues Answers
'Yoo-hoo!' HEY
18-Across' ennead LIVES
Afternoon beverage TEA
Agent SPY
Alt-rock band, Barenaked -- LADIES
Antitoxins SERA
Apiece PER
Back talk SASS
Baron's superior VISCOUNT
Basic assumption GIVEN
Blunders ERRS
Boxer Muhammad ALI
Braggart's journey? EGOTRIP
Carnival city RIO
Celebrity STAR
Cheesy paper TABLOID
Coatrack part PEG
Come in ENTER
Drag (Var.) SHLEP
Duel tool EPEE
Earth science GEOLOGY
Enthusiastic AGOG
Every last crumb ALL
Exemplar of thinness DIME
Eyelid woe STYE
Feline CAT
Fish eggs ROE
Follow relentlessly DOG
Friends, old style KITH
Gut level VISCERAL
Has the skill set CAN
Clues Answers
Hindu princess RANI
Hun opponent VISIGOTH
Jason's ship ARGO
Life stories, briefly BIOS
Make marginalia JOT
Manner of walking GAIT
Melody AIR
Memory measure BYTE
Nightly telecast NEWS
No longer stylish OUT
Optimistic ROSY
Piquancy TANG
Reddish horse ROAN
Restroom, for short LAV
Round Table title SIR
Sans siblings ONLY
Second person YOU
Send forth EMIT
Slope transport TBAR
Snake or lizard REPTILE
Spelldown BEE
Sprite ELF
Stitch SEW
Streamlet RILL
Tex-Mex treat FAJITA
Third O.T. bk LEV
Tin Man's need OIL
Untamed horse BRONCO
Upper surface TOP
Vivacity, musically BRIO
Water conduit PIPE
Wheel center HUB
Yale student ELI