New York Times - Jan 12 2013

Clues Answers
'Aladdin' villain JAFAR
'Deo vindice' was its motto: Abbr CSA
'Different strokes for different folks' ITTAKESALLKINDS
'If you can find a better car, buy it' pitchman IACOCCA
'The Two Towers' army ORCS
'___ Heart' (1988 Whoopi Goldberg film) CLARAS
1992 chick-lit best seller set in Phoenix WAITINGTOEXHALE
Activity with traps SKEET
Algonquian chief SACHEM
Amount of olives JARFUL
Anti-cavalry weapon PIKE
Aristotle's '___ Rhetorica' ARS
Barista's injuries SCALDS
Be in the can DOTIME
Big 12 sch TCU
Birder's reward SIGHTING
Body image, briefly TAT
Code of conduct ETHIC
Connection requirement, at times USERNAME
Did a rush job on? CANED
Dimple DENT
Emulates Chicken Little PANICS
Exaggerated workload TON
Fit for the road, say HONDA
Foreign refusal NEIN
Fortune 100 company named after a smoker AETNA
Green jam ingredient? ECOCAR
In the wrong business? NOSY
Inspire warm feelings about ENDEAR
Jack or forklift HOIST
Jester's locale COURT
Clues Answers
Like chop-shop cars HOT
Like many measuring spoons NESTED
Like some fake redheads HENNAED
Litter critter CUB
Look-sees GANDERS
Move through a market SELL
Much paperwork FORMS
Not nervous at all ASLOOSEASAGOOSE
Oil deposit problem ACNE
On-air hobbyists? HAMS
One of Macbeth's thanedoms GLAMIS
Ooh and aah, e.g REACT
Pair in a cage LUNGS
Pico Mountain innovation of 1940 TBAR
Place to change trunks CABANA
Portrayer of June in 'Henry & June' UMA
Promising location ALTAR
Promising start? ISHALL
Sad sack's lament ICANTWIN
Select ELITE
Shortbread flavorer PECAN
Smoking, say AGER
Sports org. with the Colorado Rapids MLS
Stationary ATREST
Suffix with cannon EER
They might make a dog run CHAINLINKFENCES
Thick base for pizza FOCACCIA
Venture FORAY
Vintage Jaguar XKE
Wear for some superheroines CATSUITS
Wood or Underwood RON
___ Hamels, 2008 World Series M.V.P COLE
___ macchiato LATTE