Wall Street Journal - Jan 11 2013 - January 11, 2013 - Now You See 'Em

Clues Answers
'Dirty Dancing' dance MAMBO
'Heads ___, tails...' IWIN
'Qu? ser?, ser?' believer FATALIST
'Shoo!' GIT
'The lambs upon the ___ shall bound': Scott LEA
'The Prague Cemetery' author ECO
'The Sign' band ACEOFBASE
'___ Excited' (Pointer Sisters hit) IMSO
1963 film based on Larry McMurtry's 'Horseman, Pass By' HUD
Absence of oomph ANEMIA
Anticrime acronym RICO
Armor plate TASSE
Barbecue bit ASH
Barbecue bit EMBER
Barking beast SEAL
BD, in rect. ABCD DIAG
Be real EXIST
Ben & Jerry's buy PINT
Benchmark: Abbr STD
Billionaire who volunteers with the ambulance corps? EMTBOONEPICKENS
Breakfast brand EGGO
Broadcasting ONAIR
Bubba's instrument SAX
Canadian coin LOONIE
Caped performers MATADORS
Car with a conquistador hood ornament DESOTO
Cell substance RNA
CEO's perk JET
Changed one's prenup instead of getting divorced? EMENDEDAMARRIAGE
Check out EYE
Checkers at JFK TSA
Chilling EERIE
Chingachgook's son UNCAS
Chophouse order STEAK
Christian from France DIOR
Coup follower DETAT
Cruising locale SEA
Current location OCEAN
Cut line SCAR
Daisy Mae's son ABE
Dame Dench JUDI
Drawing room? STUDIO
Dry streambed WADI
Email button SEND
Emotionless COLD
Fancify some rough cloth? EMBOSSTWEED
Fields of cookies MRS
Fills up SATES
First winner of consecutive Oscars RAINER
Flagship of a 1493 voyage NINA
Folder declaration IMOUT
Food package date, informally EATBY
For fun, for short REC
Fragrant compounds ESTERS
Gain access, perhaps LOGIN
Go bad ROT
Good listener? EAR
Great buy STEAL
Hair line PART
Hardly stringent LAX
Have ___ (face no challenges) ITEASY
Having notched edges EROSE
Heat to near boiling SCALD
Held in check REINED
Hermanos de mi padre TIOS
Hill worker: Abbr SEN
Hollywood clashers EGOS
Home of Raymond James Stadium TAMPA
Clues Answers
Important period ERA
Incurring a fine, perhaps LATE
It makes a bed SOIL
Jargon suffix ESE
Juan or Antonio SAN
Kind of appeal SNOB
Land development? CAMERA
Laughable DAFT
Leader of prayers IMAM
Left in the lost and found UNCLAIMED
Like enchiladas ROLLED
Like losses, traditionally INRED
Likes almost immediately TAKESTO
Lowest honor card TEN
Made the rent? TORE
Make over RESTYLE
Makes disappear ERASES
Marks' replacements EUROS
Meaning DRIFT
MGM founder Marcus LOEW
Mil. award DSM
Minor criticisms QUIBBLES
Misspeaks, say ERRS
More than med LGE
Mucho ALOT
New hardware version ITERATION
Papas of 'Z' IRENE
Part of the small intestine ILEUM
Pastel shade LILAC
Pirouette points TOES
Place to purchase packaging UPSSTORE
Pointer's word THERE
Program holders CDROMS
Rent out LET
Rocker Suzi QUATRO
Ruby in the movies DEE
Salves a guilty conscience ATONES
Schedule letters TBA
Scot's accent BURR
Serenades the moon BAYS
Shocking weapon TASER
Short order that often comes with toothpicks BLT
Start of a Frank McCourt title ANGELAS
Starts to climb an oak when seeking apples? EMBARKSUPTHEWRONGTREE
Stay informed KEEPUP
Stock mkt. number AVG
Stole the show from UPSTAGED
Suffer AIL
Suffix for depend ENCE
Suggestion to a narcissist? EMBRACEYOURSELF
Superlative suffix EST
Sushi choice EEL
The Horned Frogs' sch TCU
Tic-tac-toe winner OOO
Torch fuel ACETYLENE
Toward l'Arctique NORD
Treater's declaration ONME
TV co-star of Richard Belzer ICET
TV role for Bruce Lee KATO
Uncommon blood type, for short ANEG
Veterans Day month or day ELEVENTH
Water source TAP
Western sandwich fill OMELET
What terrific stereo speakers do? EMITSOUNDSREALLYGREAT
Whirled weapon BOLA
Yellow vegetable WAXBEAN
___ 'Republic' PLATOS
___ iniquity DENOF