New York Times - Jan 11 2013

Clues Answers
'Jersey Shore' co-star THESITUATION
'No ___!' MAS
'Righto!' YESSIREE
'Tower Heist' actor, 2011 ALDA
1978 and 1986 World Cup winner: Abbr ARG
A lot of oil moves through it PERSIANGULF
A.A.A. courses RTES
Back covers CAPES
Big piece of cabbage CNOTE
Bob Marley, e.g RASTA
Brooklyn player NET
Bunkum HOKE
Bureau employees: Abbr AGTS
Chain selling desserts TCBY
Checking account offer NOFEES
Chip, say MAR
College town on the Stillwater River ORONO
Complimentary robe providers SPAS
Concert memento TICKETSTUB
Cut (off) LOP
Cut down CURB
E-pubs ZINES
Elevated lines? ODE
Fearsome figure in Greek myth MINOTAUR
Feather source EIDER
Fry cook's concern SPLATTER
Gaunt BONY
Get tripped up ERR
Give for free COMP
Hardly an old-timer NEO
Hatchery supply ROE
Hombre's firearm PISTOLA
Clues Answers
Johnny Appleseed, e.g FOLKHERO
Key discovery of 1799 ROSETTASTONE
Like leftovers, often NUKED
Look for AWAIT
Looked into? XRAYED
Lose a liking for SOURON
Made a loaded romantic call to? DRUNKDIALED
Made close ENDEARED
Madhouses ZOOS
Madrid-Barajas Airport carrier IBERIA
Mr. ___ (Clue-like board game) REE
Naught NIL
Pets named for their British Isles origin MANXCATS
Question before and after 'or' AMIRIGHT
Raise, with 'up' AMP
Really touch MOVE
Russian dressing? FURHAT
Sausage king Froman in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' ABE
Several Rodins NUDES
Singles out, say CITES
Slip site BASIN
Smitten INLOVE
Some club tunes HOUSEMUSIC
Some crisscross patterns TARTANS
Something to chew on CUD
Something to play ROLE
Symbols of impending trouble CLOUDS
Tennyson title lady MAUD
Vegetable that's often fried OKRA
Wall St. Journal news subjects IPOS
Was short OWED
What you might do some light reading on? IPAD
___ cheese FETA
___-minded ABLE