Ink Well xwords - Jan 11 2013

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Clues Answers
'Camelot' composer LOEWE
'Metal Machine Music' wanker Reed LOU
'Mmmm, Gummi ___.': Homer BEER
'Not bad!' ILIKEIT
'Quit sitting on your ass!' GETAJOB
'The Road to Wellville' author TCBOYLE
'This Is Your Brain on Drugs,' e.g PSA
'Well, this ___' ('How unusual!') ISODD
2012 remake with North Koreans rather than Soviets REDDAWN
Acronym for describing bad data GIGO
After 18 nominations, she won a Daytime Emmy in 1998 LUCCI
After 2012, A-Rod is one behind Stan Musial RBI
Airline whose name is written right-to-left, natively ELAL
Barrage of spots ADBLITZ
Bezos or Buffett CEO
Bo's co-owner MALIAOBAMA
Cape-wearing game show villains WHAMMIES
CC Sabathia, e.g., in 'today's starters' listings LHP
Certain TV personalities CHEFS
College, slangily, abroad UNI
Commercial prefix with bus or upload MEGA
Convenient jewelry closure MAGNETICCL
Costar of Betty, Rue, and Estelle BEA
Creed's trainee BAL
Desertion letters AWOL
Disney fan's souvenir CEL
Empire founded by Cyrus PERSIA
External hard drive maker LACIE
Family reunion nickname AUNTY
Farther along OLDER
Fatah leader Mahmoud ABBAS
First-rate AONE
Former 'Meet the Press' host Marvin KALB
Gp. that poached two members from Buffalo Springfield CSNY
Guitar transcription system, briefly TAB
Herbal rheumatism treatment SAGETEA
Hippocratic oath subject HARM
Key that might close a window ESC
Clues Answers
Lesbian ___ ODE
Lewis Carroll game involving letter replacement WORDL
Look for answers? ASK
Lumpfish SEAOWL
Make someone wait? ORDER
Mark as pornographic, say FLAG
Mekong River language LAO
Most intimate CLOSEST
Muhammed Ali went on one in 1989 HAJ
Olympic runner and former Vegas escort Hamilton SUZY
Org. for cataloguers ALA
Original Pink Floyd guitarist Barrett SYD
Other: Abbr MISC
Place to go in England? LOO
Popular wedding dress type ALINE
Prison the current prez has failed to close GITMO
Provided quarters for ENCAMPED
Public school supporter, often LOTTO
Really bother EATAT
Resentful PEEVED
Riot grrrls, say WOMYN
Rosé-drinking season ETE
Sandwich alternative WRAP
School in an elite league IVY
Sea of Rhûn-to-Mordor dir SSW
See 21-Across AROUND
She covered 'The End' by her former lover Jim Morrison NICO
Site visitor, say USER
Spice blend titan Mrs. ___ DASH
Stare without subtlety OGLE
Tease, perhaps STYLE
Temple of Zeus site NEMEA
They can create distortion PEDALS
Two-time Golden Raspberry nominee Jessica ALBA
Where over two million Americans stay each year JAIL
With 58-Across, what the end of 5-, 25- or 32-Down does SNAKES
Wonderment AWE
Xbox brains: Abbr CPUS
Yanks' foes JAYS
___ mate (steeped beverage) YERBA