New York Times - Dec 31 2012

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Clues Answers
'Grease' co-star Newton-John OLIVIA
'I can't take anymore!' THATTEARSIT
'La Dolce ___' VITA
'Marching' insects ANTS
'On the other hand ...' YET
17-, 30- and 45-Across, literally and figuratively FINGERFOODS
Ambulance destinations, in brief ERS
Amigo PAL
Balm ingredient ALOE
Band's booking GIG
Barbershop floor sweepings HAIR
Bathroom floor workers TILERS
Bit of fireplace residue ASH
Car navigation aid, for short GPS
CD-___ ROM
Charged particle ION
Crisp, spicy cookies GINGERSNAPS
Cuts at an angle, as a mirror BEVELS
Dirt clumps CLODS
Droops SAGS
East Indies island famous for its 19-Acrosses BORNEO
Even the slightest bit ATALL
Falco of 'The Sopranos' EDIE
Fashion icon Ralph LAUREN
First son of Seth ENOS
Friars Club event ROAST
Genetic stuff DNA
Genre for Andy Warhol POPART
Gloria of Miami Sound Machine ESTEFAN
Golf reservation TEETIME
Goosebump-producing CREEPY
Had a meal ATE
Hannibal Lecter's choice of wine CHIANTI
In the open OVERT
Ivy growth VINE
Kilmer of Hollywood VAL
Lady ___ (pop diva) GAGA
Clues Answers
Letter before omega PSI
Like some voices after shouting HOARSE
Low poker holding PAIR
Make a show-offy basket DUNK
Muhammad ___ ALI
Nobel laureate Mandela NELSON
Not at home OUT
Observes SEES
Orange snacks CHEESECURLS
Orangutan, e.g APE
Prepares oneself GETSSET
Pro golfer Ernie ELS
Processes, as ore SMELTS
Prominent part of a basset hound EAR
Provider of N.F.L. coverage ESPN
Record producer Brian ENO
Remain STAY
Ride the waves on a board SURF
Scottish form of 'John' IAN
SeaWorld whale SHAMU
Sound boosters AMPS
Start of a play ACTONE
Strategic maneuver TACTIC
Student transcript fig GPA
Surgery that takes weight off, informally LIPO
Swelled heads EGOS
They're rolled in craps DICE
Toward the rising sun EAST
Towing org AAA
Triangular pieces of browned bread TOASTPOINTS
TV's Philbin REGIS
U.F.O. shapes, traditionally SAUCERS
Vidal ___ (shampoo brand) SASSOON
Web address, for short URL
Welsh form of 'John' EVAN
Where clouds are SKY
Witch HAG
Worldwide: Abbr INTL