Universal - Dec 28 2012

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Clues Answers
"Diff'rent Strokes" actress Plato DANA
"If ___ told you once ..." IVE
"Li'l Abner" character Hawkins SADIE
"Peyton Place" actress Wood LANA
"The kissing disease," for short MONO
"___ Falling on Cedars" (Guterson novel) SNOW
Aired again, as an old episode RERAN
Albanian coin LEK
Any minute ANON
Arrival-board word DUE
Aussie gems OPALS
Autos' emergency replacements SPARETIRES
Avian singer WREN
Back-of-the-book section INDEX
Base eight system OCTAL
Bibliography word IDEM
Boot bottom SOLE
Communion offering BREAD
Congeals GELS
Dangerous marine creature ORCA
Devious maneuver PLOY
Diamond measure CARAT
Distinctive atmosphere AURA
Drop in the mailbox SEND
Dudley Do-Right's damsel NELL
Emotion of the miffed IRE
Fashionable STYLISH
Finger-cymbal clanger BELLYDANCER
Flatteners of 58-Across TUMMYTUCKS
For all to see OVERT
Get gussied up PREEN
Granola's cousin MUESLI
Having land ACRED
Highland hats TAMS
Intuitive feeling GUTREACTION
It'll slice bologna and cut the mustard DELI
King of beasts LION
Land of the Grand Old Flag USA
Made an obeisant bow SALAAMED
Clues Answers
Majestic swimmer SWAN
Marine eagle ERNE
Negative words NOES
Not on the waterfront INLAND
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
One who keeps work in balance? AUDITOR
Opera solo ARIA
Org. once helmed by Helms CIA
Packing, say ARMED
Planning to vote no ANTI
Projecting window ORIEL
Proofreader's mark DELE
Put away, as fodder ENSILE
Racetrack fence RAIL
Raging-hot FIERY
Russian spacecraft series LUNA
Salad type TUNA
Sao ___ , Brazil PAULO
Sheep noises BAAS
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Singer Fogelberg DAN
Sleeping accommodations LODGING
Some may be gigantic EGOS
Standard score on a golf course PAR
Tehran is its capital IRAN
The most important point CRUX
There's no accounting for it TASTE
Tropical fly TSETSE
TV hubby of Phyllis LARS
Ultimate heights ACMES
Use different Clairol REDYE
Went around, in baseball SWUNG
Where to find everyone EARTH
Word before a maiden name NEE
Word with "bitter" or "winter" ALE
Write again from scratch, as a proposal REDRAFT
Yellowish-green NILE
___ gum (food thickening agent) GUAR